Passed the PMP in 1st Attempt on Oct 21st 2014

I passed the PMP today in 1st attempt. Got 2P 3MP
First of Thanks to PMZilla for providing a valuable service. This website used to be my first source to clarify things on PMP stuff.

Here are few LLs. Lets me go to the important points straight

I only relied on PMBOK 5, Read it twice (comprehended in once and skimmed the second time)
Took free mock exams, Oliver 175 and 75 - Scored 66 and 69 percent. was not much satisfied with the results so brought the Andy crowe 4th edition and read it once and took the mock test from 4th edition, scored 85%
then went on to take other mock tests... tried to by heart ITTOs ... could not do it, so just by hearted the initiation and closing process groups

Honestly I only spent about $12 dollars on PMP Stuff (apart from PMP Registration and Exam fee). Brought andy crowe 4th edition for $7 dollars and oliver mobile test $5 dollars and nothing much, Just relied on free tests available online like Oliver 175, 75, PMSTUDY test1, Simplilearn test1, exam central and PMI Lite mock from scordio.

One Key take away would be ... Read PMBOK book until you comprehend every inch of what it says and take mock exams as many as possible atleast 3000 questions. Don't spend too much money on unnecessary resources. Keep straight, simple and readhard and comprehend the subject. Attached is my mock test grades for you start benchmarking your scores to pass your PMP.

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Daily how many hours you spent? for how may days you spent. I am planning to give exam date in December 2nd week, so if I start preparation now, that would be okay for me??

advise appreciated.

I used to study after office hours.. it used to depend on my mood and mindset, some days I used to spend 4/5 hours, some days only an hour/two... You need atleast 2 months study to comprehend the book and then about 2 weeks for taking mock tests... If you feel if you can spend 5 hours a day then may be you can ... else try this out, keep the target date as is and post finishing study give 3 mock tests in the 1st week of December... if you score above 75+ then you are fit for the exam else postpone it to Jan or Feb 15... Don't hurry for exam, make sure you understand what you study. It's better be prepared and late than unprepared and fail. what say?

and thankyou for the LL.:)

Congratulations !!!