Passed PMP in 1st Attempt on 19-December-2013

Before I Start, I want to thank all of you for providing your experience and views. It helped me a lot in preparing for this Exam and Passing.
Below is a quick overview of what I did
- Books I used PMBOK 5 and Rita’s 8th Ed for my preparation
- Started my preparation 2 & 1/2 months back
- Set a deadline as 4 days/chapter (2 day for PMBOK + 2 Day for Rita) and 2 weeks for mock exams
- Booked my exam date (this is MUST, to keep you focused and to meet your deadline)
- Most important thing I did, I prepared a word document which had all the 47 processes with ITTO. I took a printout and cut them like flash cards. (you will see how this was helpful in the points below)
- Whenever I finish a chapter in PMBOK I studied corresponding chapter in Rita’s (Under line key words/sentences in both books) (this helped when I did revisions)
- Also when I ever finished a chapter, I went back to the earlier chapters and just glanced through the points I underlined
- When I was reading, I made note of important Terms/descriptions (which are new to me) in the back of the flash card. Also noted the formulas in a another sheet of paper
- I carried these flash cards with me and Whenever I get a chance I will quickly browse through the flash cards and Formula sheet
- When I finished all the chapters, I started taking the Mock Exams (skillport from my company, Headfirst Mock Test, Oliver Mock Test, PMP for sure, Christopher Scordo, 101 sample Qs for PMP, I looked at other sample Qs as well)
- Keep 2 weeks for your mock exams. After you finish each exam understand where the gaps are. Go read that chapter again in PMBOK
- IMPORTANT while you are doing your mock exams
o At the beginning of each mock exam Write the formulas in a piece of paper (without seeing the formula sheet. This will help you memorize and do the same in exam)
o Take up 200 Qs in one sitting within 4 hrs. This will set your mind for doing the same in exam
- IMPORTANT things to do Before the main exam
o Spend the entire day-before evening with fmly (Relax the full evening before the exam)
o Sleep well (9 hrs min)
o On the exam day morning Go through ur flash cards once (don’t spend more than an hour)
o Don’t do any last minute reading

Please let me know in case you need the copy of the word document I used to prepare the flash card.

Congratulations on your success. Can you please email me the word document to

Thanks in advance.

Congratulations on pmp success. Can u email word document at thanks s lot

Congratulations on passing the PMP exam! Can you please send the Word document to me at ?



Congrats !!!! May i request you to send your notes on

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Congratulations and you can upload the word document here or email me and I will add it admin at pmzilla dot com

Please share the word document to

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Could you pls share the material/word doc?
I'm writing the exam in Jan '14


 could you please send me a copy Thanks alot

many congratulations sir....kindly share your notes with me at

Hi Sathyam, Congratulations ! Could you please forward me the docs to Thanks !!

I sent the document as well as a sample Question paper i used to all of you who have provided the Email address.

Hi Admin : I was not able to upload the document bcos of the size.

congratulations on passing your PMP, your advices are priceless, I have actually started to read for my pmp but since I have not pick an exam day I am not really focus on my study. can you please send me your notes at " "

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Thanks for your sharing to all member and congaratulation to you, please send me email:



Congratulations once again!!

May I request you to send me the word documents copy  and question papers at my email address ""?

You may also upload all on dropbox(hardly takes 5 min) and can send me links if it is too heavy to send the docs.

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Congratulations!! Can you please email me the word document to Thank you!!

Congrats Sathayam!!!!

Can you please share the word document. Please send to ''

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Congrats Sathyam!!!! Can you please share the word document. Please send to '' Thanks in advance, Sujatha

Hi Sathyam!
Congrats! Thank you for your excellent LL. Coould you please send the Word doc (and any other material) to or share on Dropbox?
Thank you again.

Can you please send the document at

BIG congratulation on your success, please share me the word doc at:


Congratulations on your success. Can you please email me the word document to Thanks in advance.

Please send me the info to

Dear Ms. Gomathi

Wish you and congrats on your success! And your future edeavours.

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Congratulations.. Could you please share the material (word doc) to the id venkat.satyam@gmailcom.

Your comments and feedback is really positive .Could you please share few 200 question samples and the cards that you prepare on ..Thank you in advance ..All the very best for future ..
Amit Gupta
Noida ,INDIA

Could you share your notes on
Great suggestions above, I am also using the Rita's PMP Exam Prep. Some of the exams that you mention above,are they based on 4th edition of PMBOK, if so, do you still suggest using them in preparing for the exam? I am planning to pay for the PM Fast Track (rita), what do you think of her questions?

pls share the word for my preparation. thanks

Heartiest Congratulations on your success. Can you please email me the word document to
Thanks for your sharing your experience.

 Congratulation! would you pls share your word document with me




Hi gsathyam

Many congratulations indeed.Would you be able to advise my below score is enough to take exam on 06 January 2014.

Knowledge Areas Rita Mulcahy-1/Rita Mulcahy-2/Andy Crowe
Chapter 2:Project Management Framework 60%
Chapter 3 :Project Management Processes 60%
Chapter 4: Integration Management 60%/77%/65%
Chapter 5: Scope Management 60%/97%/85%
Chapter 6: Time Management 60%/97%/90%
Chapter 7: Cost Management 77%/89%/75%
Chapter 8: Quality Management 90%/97%/90%
Chapter 9: Human Resource Management 77%/74%/90%
Chapter 10: Communication Management 72%/73%/60%
Chapter 11: Risk Management 63%/74%/65%
Chapter 12: Procurement Management 65%/86%/85%
Chapter 13: Stakeholder Management 60%/70%/70%
Chapter 14:Professional and Social Responsibility 67%/78%/75%
iZenBridge (100Q) 69%
Oliverlehmann (75Q) 65%
SimpliLearn(200Q) in 3:20 HH:MM (17 December 2013) 70%
SimpliLearn(200Q) in 3:35 HH:MM (23 December 2013) 73%
Rita Fast Track PMP Exam 3:47 HH:MM (30 December 2013) 78%
Rita Fast Track SuperPMP Exam (100Q) 2:10 HH:MM (02 January 2014) 61%

Any suggestion will be appreciated.Bit disappointed with the last score of SuperPMP however I felt they are unncessesary hard dont know why.

Hoping for your advices.

 Congratulations to you! Could you please share the document with me? My email is:

Thank you in advance for your help!



Dear Friend,
Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.