Passed PMP on 18th May on first attempt

Hello Guys,

Will start by thanking to PMZilla community. Although this is my first post on this forum but was an active reader since past month and found this forum the best amongst the available ones.

I started my PMP Prep in early february with Simplilearn on demand video lessons. Synergised that by reading Head First and PMBOK in tandem topic wise.

Read both books twice before starting practising with the available online questions and mock exams. Was scoring in the range of 61-70% in the mocks. So reread the PMBOK once again and then broke the 70% barrier on the mocks.

Giving my mock scores for reference of the readers:

1. Oliver Lehmann(75): 61%

2. Oliver Lehmann(175) : 67%

3. Edwel (100): 71%

4. PMZest(100): 54%

5. PMStudy: 76%

6. PMCampus: 74%

7. Simplilearn 1: 71%

8. Simplilearn 2: 74%

9. Simplilearn 3: 78%(found this test easier then the previous two)


Also, the questions on the actual exam are more tricky than the mock exam ones. this can be verified by the fact that I never took more than 2Hr and 10 mins(including breaks) to complete my mock exams but on actual I took 3 Hrs and 13  mins(without any break) to complete my exam.

Please post questions if any in the thread below.





Congrats for your PMP, I have below questions. please help to clarify. 

Can you please help to rate how close each of the above mentioned mock exams were to the actual PMP exam.



Sadly, none of the mocks completely represents the actual exam.

But still i would say Oliver mocks were quite good in terms of practice it provides for tough questions.(But they are rather harder questions than actual exam).

Also, for satisfactorily knowing our proficiency, PMStudy and PMCampus exams are good. It is a well known fact now that if one scores ~75% in PMStudy mock, then he/ she is considered well prepared to clear the actual PMP exam.

Hope this answers your query.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing this

Thanks for the info.