Passed PMP on 18th of December, in Istanbul

Hi All,

I finally passed PMP exam. Here is my LL: (Executing P, all others MP)

I had 5 days workshop ESI international , after I started to read all given materials from workshop (3-4 times). Materials was very helpful to understand whole concept. I took mock tests just once,  didn't took again same tests.  After every test, reviewed wrong answer and took notes to read these topics again.  Looked to PMBok just for few topics to clarify some sections. I had following resulsts from mock tests:

1. Oliver Lehman 75/175 - 67/66% 

2. Scordo tests: 1,2 and 9-18 - approx. 75-76%

3. PMStudy - 68%

4. ESI tests: 2x200 - 72% and 81%

5. ESI knwoledge are tests ~ 75%

Exam was easy than I expected. Time was enough to read questions and answer. If you're confident with mock tests, you can pass exam. I suggest Oliver Lehman Scord and PMStudy tests, these test very helpful to understand your gaps and preapare for good results.  

Thanks to PMZILLA  and who shared their LLs. 

Many Thanks,


BY the way did you buy the PMSTUDY  Test or Used the free one ? I am unable to use the free one despite of i registered in PMtudy.

I used free one

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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for this post.