Passed PMP on 18th of December


I finally passed PMP on 18th December with MP in all areas.  Below is my LL:

I have studied ESI international exam prep about 2.5 month which I found very good and explains the processes and the concept clearly. I did the mock tests with checking wrong answers and studying the weak areas again (once for each test). In paralel I was checking PMBOK to have more detailed information about the gaps.  Here is the results I had from mock tests:

Scordo: 76-77%

Oliver Lehmann: 75/175 - 67/68%

ESI tests 2x200 tests:  72/81%

PMSTUDY Free test: 79%

I found Scordo tests very logical and helpful to understand the situational questions about the Change Management, Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility . (9-18)

Oliver Lehmann helped to have a vision about the tricky questions.

PMSTUDY and ESI both were close to the exam.

It is very important to care about the study process rather than the exam. You will see the exam quite easy if you feel confidence that you fully understand the whole concept. Do not try to memorize the ITTO's. Better to read each ITTO several times and ask yourself why it is there to understand the reason behind it.

One more suggestion is to find a group mate(s) and have discussions which will help you better understand the concept and you gaps - remember communication and networking is key to success. ;)

I respect everyone who passed the exam as it requires dedication and hard work especially if you have a job and family.  I wish good luck and success to you all with your PMP exam and in your life!!

Thanks to PMZILLA and who shared LLs.

With regards,

Farid Mammadov



Congratulations Farid, thanks for your share !

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Congratulations Farid, great to read your post.