Passed PMP on 17th July

Hi Folks,  passed PMP on 17th July and got the kit too now.


My preparation materials included -
1. PMBOK - Essential, read 5-7 times, the more you read, the more you understand
2.  PMP Exam Prep - Rita Mulcahy
3. Lots of practice exam from Pmstudy, Oliver's test questions, Head first sample 200 questions, Pmzilla questions.

Exam was much tougher than I thought. However, all the hard work finally paid. The only mistake I did was not giving any sample test for 4 hours, used to appear 40-50 questions at one shot and on diferent dates.Sitting 4 hours at one place was too tought and at one point I felt like I am breaking down. If I would have practiced the time part, I could have answered more 10-15 questions correctly. Exam experience was good and for the questions between 100-150, I was not aware of what I am doing as all are confusing questions and I am finally stucking at choosing one correct out of 2 possible answers, even I was not sure which one is correct.

At that time I felt like depressed, but the clue is just move on and don't stuck. Fortunatly towards the end are simple questions.So remember the Rita's summary, there are questions which seems tough too you, so don't stop there, apply your knowledge and go on, as these may be experimental ones or it might be the tougher for everybody.   

 Tips: Don't tthis exam lightly as most people do, its more of checking your knowledge, ability and patience, time management and all requires mots of hard work, systematic study.



Congrates and thanks for the tips.


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Hi Siddharth

Congratulations on your achievment and welcome to the elite club of PMPs

Appreciate you sharing lessons learnt