Passed PMP on 16th Oct

All,I have completed the PMP certification on 16th Oct. And below is the journey while achieving this credential. Hope that will help the aspiring PMP's.

Preparation tenure: Three Months

Preparation Material: Andy Crowe, Rita Mulcahy, Joseph, Kim and Head First. (Consider the sequence of focus on material as ordered in the list)

Reference Site: There is huge list but to mention few: PMZilla, PM Campus,PMstudy, Insite.Velociteach and local chapter site

Mock Exams: Stressed on this particularly (Total 9 Practice Tests before appearing to final exam).

Regular/Daily Review: For the ITTO's, Hand notes.Let me detail you this voyage: I did register with PMI on July 17th and by July end I gathered my 35 PDU's. I started reading through the PMBOK for the first time. I read that whole but with not much avail.Then I kept reading other material Joseph which was a actual good start for me to understand the concepts. Later on I referred the Kim also but it was found an extensively detailed material. Later I was suggested by one of my intimates to read through Andy Crowe. Ultimately I decided to consider this material as a base study material for my preparation.Bore final exam I did 9 practice tests which helped to understand the entire way the questions and methodology. It helped me to analyze questions and to nail down best answers for it.

Exam Day: I had almost thought not to study on earlier day of my exam and I could follow that except the revisions of the key concepts.Looking at my history while appearing for such objective exams I thought to make myself more strong towards every aspect of such objective exams (including sitting for four hrs at a stretch). I had to walk for around 45 minutes to exam center due to Auto/Taxi strike on the exam day. It was horrible before exam to experience this bad though. As a precautionary measure I did visit to exam center on earlier day during evening time which helped me to remember the exact route which other wise could have eaten my extra energy and patience asking people how to reach there with a heavy luggage bag on my shoulder.I reached there at around 8.15 am while I started at 7.10 am from my hotel. It was a cool place. It was a complete chilled hall; with lot of video and audio cameras staring at you to add frustrations levels.I saw many guys walking through big books as a last minute revision (I still believe that it may never add value than adding more of last minute hassles). My 9 practice tests and regular studies proved to answer me each and every question quite confidently and without any dilemma. Although this was a planned and well designed effort; I was little nervous when I clicked on the Test Finish Button of my final (10th practice test that I will always say to it as). Because; it would have been just impossible for me to think for re-appearing this exam. Not a fun to study like this again. And ultimately after 30 seconds I saw a line “Congratulation, you are PMP certified” appearing on the screen.

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hi Sripad

 CONGRATULATIONS ! on your achievemnet. and thanks a lot for sharing the LL on this site.