Passed PMP, 10/20/2009

Passed the exam yesterday--first time.  Scored proficient in one domain
and moderately proficient in the other five.  Have seen several posts with
lessons learned and feedback.  Some of this reaffirms recent feedback.

- No, repeat NO, questions along the lines of "all of the following
EXCEPT.." or "which of the following is NOT..."

- About 30% straight forward knowing/understanding definitions and concepts
and 70% scenario/situational.  

- Only a handful of questions requiring calculation--maybe 8 to 10, but a
few word questions where you had to understand formulas and calculations to

- One network diagram of activities and durations using Activity on Arrow to
determine critical path.  Nothing using Activity on Node.


July/Aug - Scanned recent PMP's class notes based on PMBOK 3rd

 September - Took 4 day bootcamp (over two weekends) using Crosswinds
Boot Camp Text and Test Simulation CD based on PMBOK 4th edition.  Created
flash cards (from blank index cards) with notes from each chapter.  Crosswinds stuff apparently rushed to print
to coincide with PMP exam based on 4th ed, and both had major, glaring
errors.  CD with exam questions (separate from one in the one in the
bootcamp text) was particularly bad with obvious errors in both factual
material and calculations.  Still good for practice, but looked to other
sources for practice tests.

October - Studied Crosswinds text, PMBOK 4th ed.  Also used
online practice test, Oliver Lehmann's 75 and 175 question tests, and Headfirst 200 question test.  Scored mid 90s on the Crosswinds tests (CD)
and low to mid 80s on the Lehmann and Headfirst materials.  Used practice tests to point out weak areas
and I re-studied those and added to my flashcards set.  One thing I noted on Lehmann is that he
apparently uses some 4th edition PMBOK references, some 3rd
edition PMBOK, and some come from other books (non-PMBOK).  Headfirst seemed to have some good questions
and good explanations.   

 Set test for two weeks after completing the bootcamp….and passed.  Good luck out there!

Congratulations on passing the PMP!

About the absence of trick questions in the exam, Oliver Lehmann is of the belief that it could be a temporary phase and that exam takers should not think of it as a change in PMI policies. 

ALWAYS, read the questions carefully before choosing the answer. No matter how confident you are about the answer.

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Thanks for sharing the LL and tips and congratulations on passing the PMP on First try :)