Passed PMP - 08/14 - Lessons Learnt.

- Passed my PMP exam on 08/14. I'm in a big dilemma on whether to share my LL or not, b'coz to be honest my preparation not a good one to follow.. Definitely NOT, but still I want to share for just one reason : To thank this PMZILLA forum for real good tips and very helpful during my exam day. Some of mine may be helpful to others but please don't blindly take my tips. I'm not a good writer, so please bear with me.

Road Map:

35 contact hours - 05/12 to 06/12

PMI membership & paid the exam fees - 06/22

Preparation - 06/22 to 07/22

Mock-up Exam's - 07/22 to 08/13

Book(s) referred :

Head First PMP - I hate to buy books (& study too) even in my college days but it's my friend's suggestion to take a look on this book. It's too good especially like a story book. Enjoyed reading this book.

PMBOK 4th edition - Just page #: 43 & glossary definitions. 2 weeks before exam, googling with the keyword 'PMP exam tips' and discovered this eyeopener sight - PMZILLA. All the PMP's here suggested for brain dump after taking the tutorial.. Got very curious to see what's this page #:43 and downloaded it to my brain. Page #:43 definitely worth a lot. But referred this book multiple times after mock-ups.

Techfaq - For just to refresh ITTO's, it's good. Otherwise, it's NOT a good site to refer . The pattern  totally different than the one in exam.  Moreover lot of typo's with incorrect answers & no explanation.  I got 80% in the first try and consistently 90-95% in the second & third one. But it's waste of time, so please use this site just for remembering ITTO's & to refresh your KA gaps. Even for ITTO's, some typo's there for the processes in integration Mgmt.

First 2 weeks : Just a casual reader spending 2 hours every day and 4-5 hours on sunday (saturday - strictly No). But don't just move pages.

Last 2 weeks : 4 hours a day and 6 hours on sunday.

Final 2 days : All the time thinking about ITTO's, formula's, Maslow, Herzberg, etc.

My suggestion -> Don't memorize the ITTO's, it won't help to recollect during the nervous exam hours. I tried to get in deep of the functionality for each of T&T's and co-relate them in a chained fashion.

For ex : For Develop Project Team process, I related TT in this order ->  Training for Interpersonal skills in a meeting room (co-location) at sharp 9 AM without fail (ground rules).  Free lunch & T-shirt (Recognition & Reward ) will be there for each associate after completing the training session. I may sound stupid but relate them in this way instead of reading dozens of books to read the same ITTO's in a different way. It's also helpful for long time to keep in mind instead of just for certification.


PMP Headfirst - 81% (first try), 95% (second try)

Techfaq - 82% (first try), 94% ( second try). Not a good one especially due to typo's and no complexity.

PMStudy - free frial (72%) . Got expired after a  day. :-( . I would suggest taking this a week before exam to check your preparation level.

Oliver Lehmann - 75Q (64%) . Lost my confidence level totally but still I'm passed rt.. so kinda okay.

Relaxed the night before exam (friday) by doing things that soothes my mind (iPhone 4G Vs Samsung Galaxy series comparison), listening to my favorite songs and slept for 8-9 hours.

Exam Day:

No refreshing stuff on ITTO's. Had a full bowl of Cereal breakfast, took my exam confirmation e-mail printout and definitely prayed before leaving home.

It's a 8 mile drive but reached the exam center before an hour itself. They allowed me to take the exam.

Done the brain dump on the rough sheet and started answering the questions. Took a break after 100 questions ( 1 hr 15 mins). My confidence level very low of passing the exam during the break. I said to myself : For next 100 Q's take 2 hours completely but atleast 80 questions need to be correct. Went back to the exam hall, answering Q'S in a cool way and completed all the questions within 2 hours. The rest 45 mins just for reviewing the marked ones and 2 mins before the end time completed my review. When I clicked on the End Exam, same white screen, survey and again white screen... CONGRRRRRRRRRRRRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. blah, blah.. One of the happiest moment in my life. :-)))))

PMP exam is all about on how good you already managing now. It's easier if  you already managing your team well (Manage team & stakeholder expectation), listening to their concerns (conflict mgmt), making customer happy, following the process (CCB & Configuration mgmt), meeting the deadlines, keeping the work-life balance well. All these will reflect in the exam as scenario's & psychometric questions. ITTO's & formula's may take you close to 50%. Rest all depends on how good you already doing things now.

Not even got 1 with below proficient and I'm happy in that way..

Enjoy & Have fun,

Nagaraj.. PMP

















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Very good Nagaraj. Congratulations and great write up on LL