Passed PMP on 06/05/2013 with 5 MP infirst attempt

Hi all,


Like many before me I was a silent visitor to PMZilla, gathering information and lessons learnt and improving my knowledge. It really gave me courage and understanding to give the exam.

I have finally succeeded in getting my PMP credentials last week. It was a long journey starting somewhere in late 2011 and after too many lulls in my preparations finally got the motivation to complete it. The introduction of new examination syllabus starting August was the motivation I needed to get my act together and give the final push.

I started out with PMBoK and Rita book. I first read the RIta book completely end to end without referring to PMBoK. What it did for me was to connect me with the topic. If I had started with PMBoK I guess I would not have been able to complete the book anytime. Once I had the grip of the topic, I read the PMBoK. I think the processes mentioned in teh PMBoK are very much logical and any experianced project manager will not have any problem in getting the flow.

After the initial burst there was a very prolonged period of no studies for me. Due to some reason or other I was not able to complete teh 35 contact hours required for the qualification. The rolling out of the 5th edition of PMBoK and exams with the new version of PMBoK starting August was probably the push that I needed. I completed my 35 contact hours and sent the application ofr processing. My application was not picked up for verification and I got the clearance to take the exam in 5 days.

I set the date on 6th MAy so that I can take advantage of the weekends and get uninterrupted time for the preparations. I studied the formula and solved all the MCQs at the end of the Rita book. Whichever answer I got wrong I relearned the concept as to why I got it wrong. I am not good at mugging things, so I learnt the ITTOs in the understanding thelogic mode and understood the inharent logic and flow the whole process.

I had not given any mock test anytime except for the test that I had completed during the 35 contact hours program. I am now really sure that the number of tests that one attempts does not correlate with the final result.

Went with a very apprehensive mind regarding my preparations as I had read people studying 4-6 hrs daily in the last 2 months or so and all. Started the exam after all the mandatory drill. The questions began to flow and frankly I felt that it was not really as difficult as some had created the impression of it to be.

Anyways, I completed the test in 2 1/2 hours, took a much requierd break and came back to confirm the marked questions. Most questions were situational with quite a few numericals. One should take water and other refreshments as the whole experiance can be emotionally exhausting.

Completed the short questionnaire at the end and waited with baited breath for the result. "Congratulations" the result came and I almost gave a yippee in the quiet room.

From my perspective the exam is not too tough if you are able to corretly anticipate what "IDEALLY" you should be doing in any situation. Preparations are must but just mugging things will not really help you.

Best of luck to all those appearing for the examination...



 Thanks for the lessons learned.

Any idea how many Cost management questions were there in the exam?
I am appearing for my exam next week on 22nd May. Any last minute prep tips would be helpful.

I haven't taken only 1 moc test so far. Plan to take atleast 2 more.