Passed PMI-RMP exam last weekend

I passed the PMI-RMP exam this last weekend and wanted to share my LL for this study group since I got some information from this group. 

I started with the Simplilearn course to get the 30 PDU's required as I've used them before and it was pretty inexpensive as compared to some of the others. It was a good course but didn't cover everything that you would need to pass the exam.

I purchased Rita's Risk Management book and read it and did all of the exercises and the practice test at the end. This was a helpful book and the practice test was helpful as well.

I purchased Passing the Risk Management Professional Certifican Exam The first time by Daniel C. Yeomans and read it and did the practice test. I felt it was a good resource as well. 

I purchased the PMI-RMP Question Bank on Amazon to do the practice test and it was a good resource too.

I did the practice tests multiple times as I learn well from those scenarios.

I studied for about a month for the exam overall.

I arrived at the exam center over an hour early and they let me begin the exam. I saw allot of Monte Carlo and Latin Hyper cube questions that showed the results and gave some requirements for you to make a suggestion at a different point. I hadn't seen these in my study but I was able to figure them out. 

I feel I could have done better if I would have looked up the tools and techniques and actually saw outputs of them to better understand them. Otherwise the questions were equally as difficult as the PMP but the subject matter was much more narrow. I knew all of the formulas but I really only had to calculate EMV which is easy. 

I finished the test with only 24 minutes left, it was just allot of reading and I was making sure I wasn't missing anything so I was reading everything multiple times.

I hope this helps, thanks to everyone else who posted their lessons learned to help others.



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Congratulations and thanks for the valueable LL . Very few people do RMP and actually post here. Your post will be very useful for future aspirants.


Could you please share your score at 5 domains.

Do it have question which regarding to ITTO?

I heard many person said that the question is relative Latin Hypercube, but  I read many risk book, but I don't mention about it. if you know some source, could you please share about it.

I will take the exam in Mid of January. 



Hello All , 

Can any one suggest me the best training institute in blore for PMI - RMP .

I could only find Simplilearn who provides training . 




Thanks for the post. Which book did you buy from amazon for practise test.

Also, do you think Daniel C book is really needed after you read Rita's

Thanks .....


This is the practice test I purchased on Amazon.