Passed my PMP exam yesterday - June 21st

Hi All
 I am happy to share my experience with all of you. The actual exam was easier than I thought. The questions were more straight forward than lot of the other sample exam sites that I was going through like the OliverLehman, safaribooksonline and other free test sites. Learn the process flow from PMBok - this will be very helpful but if you dont know already then its ok. It is not a must to know the process flow but it would definitely help.

Lessons Learned

1. I never did a full 200 questions test in exam mode - I never had taken a test for 4hrs and trying to complete 200 questions within the stipulated time.This was a major set back because I was not sure if I would be able to complete the test within the time limit. I just had time to complete once and review the first 100 answers.  

2. Referring too many materials - I read Head First, PMBok, Rita Mulcahy. PMP Cram2 and Andy Crowe and once in a while read other books that I can lay my hands on in Borders or Barnes and Nobels. -- stick to materials that you trust and do not try to go through all the books. There might be a few topics that are left out in the book you are refering but that should be ok when you are answering 200 questions, the chances are very less that you will see too many questions that you dont know.

3. While taking the exam mark only questions that you sure you are not answering correctly. I marked as many as 60-75 questions for review. This took me a lot of time after I completed my test and started to review. Some of the answers looked too obvious and I was not sure why I marked them for review in the first place.

4. Never hurry through the exam. I did that mistake. I was too concious about the time limit and I was skimming through the answers rather than paying attention to the question and reading all the choices. It took me a while to realize that I was skimming through the answers and not really paying attention to the question or answers. My objective seemed to have changed from clearing or passing the exam to completing the exam. I could have avoided this if I had taken a few 200 question tests and practised for the real exam.

5. I did not take any breaks in between and did not require them too.

6. I took too many tests from many question bank (not the 200 questions 4 hrs test) but at my will and this was a problem too. Many of the questions looked familiar (even though they were not the same as I had seen in the test banks) and this actually did not help me because as Rita says in her book you get confused lttle bit when you are answering them.

6. Contrary to what I have read in many of the websites there was not a single question that was totally new or not knowing what it meant. All the questions looked familiar.

7. Do not think about the cost of the exam. This might make you nervous. I initially was worried but then overcame it. I had open slots in the exam center and I asked them if I can take the exam earlier than my scheduled time. They were ok with it. I was prepared for the worst case. So half way through the exam I knew there was no way for me to fail but also was not worried about the results. All it mattered was to complete and review the answers before I can end the test.

I ran out of time and the exam completed. I gave good feedback regarding the testing center and my experience and waited for the result. If I had not read some of the reviews earlier in PMZilla I would have thought the system crashed and they lost all my 4 hours of hardwork. And atlast it said CONGRATs blah blah blah..... and I was more than happy to thank GOD and get out of there.

I would also like to thank PMZilla and its administrator for all the support. I have been consistently using this site for refering to lessons learned and formulas and other information regarding the PMP certification. They are doing a wonderful job and thanks a ton for that.