Passed my PMP exam today - June15th

It was a big relief to see the congratulations message after completing my PMP Exam in first try, after huge 3 months hard work (2 hrs daily, atleast 6 hrs during weekends) using PMBOK & Rita Book (refer for 3 times both the books)-

In the final 4 days I spent almost 10 hrs brushing all important in RITA & PMBOK which I HAD MARKED EARIER & refered Kim Heldman exam preparation sheet which helped to understand all the various important points & ITTO's and its flow

Rita is great, whatever she says important in the book, push that into your brain, resolve all Q&A after each chapters, also Fast tracks are good help -

One of the greatest help was PMStudy simulations, wonderful ! it is !take paid one or two tests, that should be make you ready if you score above 85%

PM zilla forum has been great help for me ! hope to you too - All the best

One can succeed on anything for which he has enthusiasm !!!!

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Sachin Congratulations !!!.

Thanks a lot for sharing the LL for the benefit of others. Welcome to the club.


Hi Sachin,

Congratulations on your achivement. I want to ask you

1.  How Rita's book helped you? Do you feel that it is not possible to pass the exam only relying on PMBOK?

2.  If Rita is required, do you have this book in hard or soft copy? Can you share this soft copy if you have? 


Rita & PMBOK goes hand in hand, PMBOK is very much base & theoritical - tiresome to study, whereas Rita stresses on important points for exam, keep PMBOK for reference  - send me your emailID

Thanks for replying.

My id is