Passed my PMP exam on Nov 5th

Hello Everyone,

I have passed my PMP exam yesterday. It took me the entire 4 hours to complete the exam with only last 15 minutes left to review the marked questions. I read the following books:

* Rita Mulchay's latest edition ( 3 times in detail)

* PMBOK 4th edition (once - free download from PMI website if you are a member)

* Free on-line tests (pmstudy, olivier, tutorialpoint,...)

About half of the questions in the exam were 1 liner questions and rest of them are very descriptive. I would recommend following tricks:

* Finish the simple questions quickly and mark the difficult ones for later to get a better handle of the time

* Read the questions carefully especially the answers

* Be prepared to see very vague questions (5%) which will not be there in any of these books and do not scared about it.

* Focus on EV calculations (atleast 10-20 questions), Risk Mgmt, Quality and Closing.

* Thorough understanding of the concepts and memorizing tools & techniques would help in saving time for difficult questions.

* It is important to know the sequence of the processes (what comes next or first in the sequence)


Good luck.



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Congratulations Rishi and thank you for sharing the LL and your experience on this site

 Regards, Admin