Passed my PMP on 08/24 without opening the PMBOCK Guide (First try)

 OK, So let be brag.......but to tell you the truth that PMP exam is very tough... I mean for even someone who is prepared, the exam throws at you scenarios and answers which are the same and all valid. You just have to apply your overall skills and knowledge to get the right one... 

So How I did it....

Book I used: Andy Crowe, 4th Edition, Full Plan. (How to pass in first try)

July 2011: I started off listening to the 5 CD Conversation set by Andy Crowe. Amazing thing. I have a 2 hour commute and it was a lot. I breezed through them. Got my head in right mind. I listened to the CD set 3 times in total.

August 1st: I started reading the Book.

August 18th: By 19th of August, I had finished only first 6 Chapters (Through Time). 

August 19th - 23rd: I read all remaining Chapters. (through 13). I highlighted review points. Then I reviewed. Made Post it notes for myself...I did Quizes at the End.

Aug 23: My Only One simulated Exam for 150 Questions I did on their website

August 24th: I gave the exam and passed...

How was the Exam:

  • First 40 Questions Were Easy and I felt I knew the Stuff
  • Next 140 Questions were Hard. I knew of about 98% of content but every answer seemed right or at least I got the choice down to two. Key to answers these Questions is that you need to apply your skills from all 9 KAs. So the question may be about Quality but your answer will relate to Risk as well.
  • Exam Math Questions, EV etc... : I probably had a total of 5-6 Math Questions, 2 from Communication Channels, 2 - 3 about CV, EV etc.. and One TCPI.Very low number of Math Q.
  • If you want to Pass the Exam, Focus highly on Quality (Know PQAssurance and PQControl Well. Difference of them. One about process and other product). Know Risk Management Well. (Mainly Planning.) Procurement. Almost every Question flet like a contract question. Spend Good time. Spend Good time Kowing the Prof. Resp. as well. 
  • One more is to focus on Integration Management. 
  • Exams are not by KAs but by Process Groups. 


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Great... Very few people can do that. But good insights thanks for your post and congratulations on your PMP



Is this possible?  I took the exam and failed without reading PMBOK.  I took the advice from my instructor of a PM course and he stated the new test isn't based off PMBOK and it will just overload my brain.  Can anyone confirm the theory about new test not based on PMBOK? I'm just looking for advice in order to pass it the second time around.  

I failed the pmp exam the first time too but I wish I would had read the PMBOK again.  I read the PMBOK 1 and a half time and read read some of Rita seventh edition, Andy Crowe, brainbok, and practice a lot of exam questions.  I'm reading the PMBOK again and understanding the content especially the ITTO and just using one reading source just as Rita.  I only read some of Rita but wish that I had finish reading all of Rita because I could had gotten some more questions right on the exam.  To me the new test is based on the PMBOK and other source of materials like Rita especially the ITTO's if a person understand the concept than they should be able to select the correct answer on the exam.  Also make sure you know the 42 processes and which order that they follow which can help the participate to answer the questions on the exam.


Good Luck to both of us and all ,




Some people have all and some have none.


Not reading PMBOK and still clearing is an exception and cant be rule. I failed coz I also thought let me not touch PMBOK and clear like few but when the result came 5 seconds after the survey, my only reaction was, "Wish I had digested PMBOK".


The second time, I am concentarting primarily on PMBOK and Head 1st and Rita also fill in the slots.


All the best to all not-so-lucky 1st timers and new entrants to the PMP world.




First of all passing the pmp is all about assimilating the information in the right way to reporoduce/apply in a way required by the PMI. You can do it with or without the PMBOK is debatable.

If you use the PMBOK along with any other source should be sufficient  to get you the results. But, also what matters is how well you decode and assimilate the information.

So folks, don't pay heed to such comments and arguments " I cleared PMP in just 1 week", " I cleared PMP by studying for just 2 hours for a week", " I cleraed just by reading Andy Crowe's book and so on."

Instead focus on your strengths and weaknesses and work on a action plan to increase your undrestaning on all relevant subjects and focus on applying this knowledge to clear the exam.

PMBOK is a valuable book. Use it wisely for your career ( passing the PMP ) and personal growth.

there are some person that can perceive the details in right way just reading andy, head first, kim or Rita.

I have read Head First, Rita and pmbok 2x.. for me Head first has almost the entire content of pmbok. Rita dont emphasize inputs and outputs. i had failed in first time just reading Rita... analysing 2 exams that i did, if i just read pmbok 1x with Rita i had passed.. now in 2nd time reading pmbok, i understood every process and passed.

well, its my point of view.

see ya guys.

Thanks Fishman.

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Its not matter, what you are following, from related materials, but how and how much you are grasping is the matter of fact.

Exam is not from PMBOK. Its a incorrect saying.

All is around  "PMI -> PMP-> PMBOK -> all valuable stuffs"


This looks so great! It is so good to see you posting again! Ok so I'm guessing you mean the next recipe is

the pie that Florida is known for????? I'm sooooo excited for that one!!!

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Congratulations Casper !!

Folks beware of Casper's claim !!!

I am guessing Casper is one of those endowed with extremely good analytical skills and carries with him considerable experience on PM concepts and ideas. Casper has probably meditated, muched, chewed and digested a lot on the CD during his long drive to office. Unfortunately what stands out is, what Casper did not consult - PMBOK. This claim hogs the limelight, when infact,  what should is : what Casper has put in - in his preparation. And we do not know the experience of Casper.

So folks, please do not loose faith in PMBOK !!! Am a great fan of this Body of Knowledge !!


Casper, Congratulations once again !!!