Passed in my frirst attempt - Lessons Learned

I cleared my PMP test today and thought I will share my experience, tips and tricks as I've benefitted from the same.

I started preparation for the exam around Sep 20 with PMBoK. I read the book end to end. I took 1-2 days per chapter (2-3 hrs per day). I highlighted all important stuff and this helped me revise better. I went through iZenBridge videos on youtube on topics that I didn't understand - EVM, Config Mgt, Quality tools etc...

Once I completed going through PMBoK, I started with Rita's PMP Prep exam. Underlined the stuff, that's not available in PMBoK. At the end of each chapter, I would go back to PMBoK and read through quickly. Also took the questions at the end of each chapter. I read explanations for all questions - right or wron and marked few tricky ones which I revised one day before the exam.

Once I completed Rita's, I took mock exam. Oliver Rehman - 75 free questions. It was difficult and I only score around 60+ percent. PMP exam was much easier than OR. And then I took PMPStudy complete simulation exam (free). I scored 78% and was happy.

I started revising - going through PMBoK and Rita's once again. But this time I strated taking 10-20 question test for each chapter by searching on internet. I have 1 more mocktest and once again got 78%. I realized I wasn't doing good in "Closing" and "Procurement". So concentrated on that part

Just like everyone advised,  I wrote all EVM formulae and 47 processes on the scratch paper before the exam. This did help me a lot as it gave me a visual reference to few questions

There are around 8-10 questions on EVM. Pretty easy. Questions included percentage completion etc..Then there are 2 questions on CPM and they are straightforward as well. There were very few questions on procurement. There were TONS of questions on "Change requests". You need to know all situations when you would raise a change request.

On hindsight I wish I did more mock tests and actually go over those questions multiple times. The mistake I made was that I read PMBoK like 7-8 times and Rita's like 5 times. There is absolutey no advantage in doing so except that you remember more stuff. But the exam is not about how much you remember but how well you apply the concepts. So practice and re-practice as many questions as possible after you have studied everything couple of times.


thanks for sharing.

I figure I need to be able to say exactly what goes on in each of the 47 processes and I should be able to pass