Passed My Exam Last Weekend

I passed my exam last weekend. I got to say that the exam was hard and it was a lot of work. I studied lightly over the past two months and really turned it up 2 days before the exam on practice questions. I kept my study simple by relying on classroom study and a few off the shelf material. 

1) 5 Days College course with Tony Johnson's Crosswind PMP boot camp as text- Not very helpful.  Teacher basically went over what is in the textbook.  He was teaching Project Management in general, and did not provide insight on ways to pass the test  He gave us ill-advise on not to memorize the ITTOs, which I thought was crucial to pass the exam.  Johnson's book is good in terms of text content. It was the only full prep book I read to prepare for the exam.  But the practice questions are wacked and I didn't use them. 

2) Free 75 questions - Helpful. Used 2 days before the test.  

3) Kim Heldman PMP Study Guide Practice Exam CD (150 questions) - Most Helpful. The practice questions are very similar to those on the actual test.  Used 2 days before the test. 

4) My work experience contributed a lot of knowledge to pass the exam. I work in a very projectized aerospace company where we actually uses a lot of PMP terminologies, tools and practices including control board and EVM.

5) ITTO's are very important. Know them.


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Congratulations seafood on clearing the PMP exam !!

Yes I think your experience has helped you in this hence you had to study lightly. In fact most people have told this, if your workplace practices PMP theories then its much easier to clear the exam with less time to study.