Passed In My First Attempt

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Hi All

I appeared yesterday (5th Oct'2015) and passed my PMP exam in my first attempt. It was a wonderful lifetime experience with so much 'tension' throughout that 4 hrs. specially the time after clicking the end button of the survey portion!!

My preparation was based on PMBOK-5, Rita - 8th edition, Edwel 5.0, Andy Crowe book, Harold Kerzner book, Heldman 7th edition and 9th edition book by J. LeRoy Ward & Ginger Levin. 

My primary concentration of questions bank was on Rita Fastrack v8 (1591 questions), Velociteach (600 questions), Edwel (200 questiions), Head first (200 questions + each chapter questions), Christopher Scordo (1040? questions), Sean Whitaker etc.etc. I did not try to do as many questions avilable in internet as I observed that there are many contradictions / errors in Answers.

It is a tough exam but answering 200 questions is accommodable in 4 hrs. A thorough reading of each chapter is required and an understanding of basic chapters rather than solving questions is more important.

Last suggestion is that fix a date of exam, read each chapter repeatedly, do plenty of 4 hrs. mock exams and just go for the real one. Have confidence on yourself.   


Mabrook !! 



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Excellent. You have done quite good prep. and read many books. Congratulations !!!

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There are many books available for preparing PMP. Some books are really wonderful to read and completely logical. Harold Kerzner's book is one of them.
Some more to share in mixed form:
1) Project Risk Management chapter is excellently written in Rita 8th edition. I think almost all PMP aspirants are good on Risk Management topic. I feel we need to be prepared for tough questions pertaining to EMV calculations. Better to practice more on EMV.
2) Quality chapter needs to be gone through several times. Edwel 5.0 book can provide extra information on this topic.
3) Scope, Time and Cost Chapter - I feel PMBOK 5.0 is more than sufficient. However, better to prepare TCPI calculations for complex situation. Also better to practice network diagram calculations for complex situations as problems on network will take considerable time to solve.
4) Stakeholder chapter – Rita 8th edition looks to be insufficient for this chapter. However, PMBOK 5.0 gives enormous clarifications on this chapter. J. LeRoy Ward & Ginger Levin’s questions on this chapter helps a lot.
5) Project Procurement Management chapter – Once again I feel PMBOK-5.0 has given sufficient information. But Edwel, Rita 8th Edition also gives good amount of information.
6) Closing Process Group i.e. Close Project or Phase Process + Close Procurements Process - Fastrack V8 questions gives minute information on this so that concept becomes crystal clear.
7) Fastrack V8- Very good quality questions but only one line answer is given for many complex situations.
8) Heldman 8 – all questions needs to be practiced.
9) Oliver 175 & 75 – Needs to be practiced several times. It gives new terminologies normally not found in regular books.
10) Head First – Many times I sat for the exam for 200 questions + all individual chapter’s questions. Excellent clarifications are there for all questions. Some mistakes as well as missed questions are also appeared to be there. Actually this questions creates confidence in us for taking further other mock tests.

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Congratulations to your success! Good Job!

I bet the feeling right after receiving the message that you have done it, was priceless and worth all the effort, right?! That is what I have felt at August 24th, 2015, when I have earned my PMP batch.

Celebrate and enjoy this success, you deserve it!

But like you may already know: After certification is before RE-CERTIFICATION!

First it seems to be more than enough time (3 Years) to earn the needed 60 PDU’s, but you shouldn’t underestimate this challenge (like you didn’t with your PMP preparation, right?).

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Best of luck!



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Dear Markus

I am observing that whosoever is expressing his/her PMP experience in the forum, the next stage he/she has to face a long 'lesson' from you. It is good that you are concerned for everybody's PDU earning, but is it really required to give lesson to individual by cutting and pasting the same method of earning PDU? Please be aware that most of us are frequently visiting PMI site and well aware of methods for earning PDU. Also many of us frequently visit this forum and have gone thru your method of earning PDU and I feel that this need not to be copied & pasted to individual's comments / PMP experience.