Passed first time yesterday 4Ps, 1MP before version 5

First of all, I would like to thank PMZilla and everyone who has contributed in forum discussions. This has given me invaluable information about the exam and what to expect from it. It is now my turn to give back my 2 cents.

I am not going to write extensively about how I studied for the exam, what approach to take because many others have done this and I don't think I can add anymore to the excellent work they have done thus far. All I want to say is that my studies took 3 months (2-3 hours daily and 6-7 hours weekends), reading only Rita v6 and PMBOK and doing the mock exams below:

- Exam Central (free) - 200 questions
- EdWel (free) - 200 questions
- Preparepm (free) - 71 + 28 questions
- Whizlabs (free) - 50 questions
- Simplilearn (free) - 200 questions
- Techfaq360 (free) - 200 questions
- PM Bank (free) - 260 questions (I did only 160 questions)
- Chris Scordo (free if you are PMI member) - 18 x 50 questions
- Oliver Lehmann 75 (free) - 75 questions
- PM Exam Simulator (free) - 3 x 30 questions
- PM Prepcast 101 Math Questions (free) - 101 questions
- Head First (free) - 200 questions
- BrainBOK (free) - 50 questions
- Rita's Super PMP v6 (paid by the company) - 200 questions
- PMStudy 1-4 (paid) - 4 x 200 questions

With regard to the above, I think EdWel, Simplilearn and PMStudy were similar in terms of difficulty to the real exam with PMStudy being the closest in question format.

With hindsight, my opinion is that if you can score 75% (85% if you want to score P for each process group) for the first time (second and subsequent times don't count) you take tests from these three simulators and you can keep that consistency up for at least 3 different tests, you should be ready to take the real exam. Try doing at least 2000 questions to discover gaps. It is important to find the reason why you got a question wrong afterwards and to find its answer to fill gaps.

Learning all ITTOs is not really necessary in my opinion, just understand the data flows and the key tools and techniques for processes and you should be fine.

Reading the PMBOK is not a must but is HIGHLY recommended since the exam will have a few questions on specific definitions/ideas buried in PMBOK or it could ask you questions based on descriptions/ideas from it.

Last but not least, try not to study on the last day before your exam but instead, take it off and relax since you want to be fresh and be on your best performance for the exam. I made the mistake of over studying on the last day trying to review everything and end up not being able to sleep for the whole night and did the exam the next day feeling like a zombie.

That's all from me and the best of luck to everyone who are still waiting to take their exams!

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 Congratulations. !