Passed at first attempt on Nov 7th

Before I go ahead with the detailed study plan I would like to thank every one who had post their lessons learned in this forum. It was very helpful and that pushed me to post my experience. Also, would like to thank my family and friends for all their support and prayers.  My study plan will help to pass PMP in 5 months. 
1st week of June 2009 - Started with preparation. I took classes once a week (4 hours) for 9 weeks provided by my company. This went on till mid of September and I was studying in parallel. One knowledge area for a week sometimes even two weeks based on my other schedule and other priorities. The books were PMBOK, Rita Mulcahy and Head First PMP. I took enough time on my first read to understand the ITTO's and took clear notes on all points. This went on for almost 12 weeks with little breaks here and there.
1st week of Sep - Started with second read (only Rita and HFS). Skimmed through the books in two weeks (this time the target was one day for each knowledge area). I planned the longest knowledge areas for weekends so that I get more time and can stick to my plan. 
3rd week of Sep - Gathered all mock links and started with first round of mock. Continued till first week of October. pmzilla, preparepm, pmconnection and deepfriedbrain has a good list of mock links. My lists included oliverlehmann, tutorialspoint, techfaq360, pmstudy, pmsuccess, certchamp, crosswind.Also, email subscription to Cornelius Fichtner at free-pm-exam-questions. It was very good.
1st week of Oct - Second round of mock (In parallel applied for PMI membership)
2nd week of Oct - My application was processed and guess what I was chosen for Audit. Again took a break till I passed Audit
3rd week of Oct - Audit passed and booked exam for Nov 7th. 
4th week of Oct - Continued with notes/ITTO revision and final mocks
Nov 7th - Exam was at 12:30 pm I started from home at 10:30 am (thought it was well ahead) but unfortunately the train was delayed by 30 minutes. The worst part is the train was struck inside tunnel so I couldn't think of an alternate way either. Managed to reach the prometric center 10 minutes before the exam and started my exam at 12:45 pm. The people at prometric center were helpful. My desk number was 13.
Took the tutorial in less than 2 minutes and used the rest 13 minutes to pen down all possible formulas in scratch paper.

Real exam started at 01:00 pm and in my experience the questions were lengthy and it took me more than one minute to pass through each question. I utilized all 4 hours. My plan was to spend 45 minutes for 30 questions so by end of 3rd hour I finished all 200 questions. Revisited the marked questions in rest one hour. I marked more than 100 questions and found it hard to cover all marked questions in last one hour. Did not change many answers on my second visit.  

I got Proficient in two process groups and Moderate proficient in four groups. There were around 10 to 15 questions on ITTO's, 5 to 6 questions on formulas and rest were situational. My paper was neither very easy nor very tough. I would rate it as moderate. All situational questions were new. Only very few were from existing mock exams. The questions were like what will you do next or what will you do first? There was negative question as what is not part of? . Elimination method helped with some questions (as knocking out the wrong answers to find out the right one)

Hence, understanding the concept and order of process occurrence is very important.  

My hiccups on preparation were the breaks I took in between, getting selected for audit and the exam day commute tensions.

Without these delays this study plan can even be used for a 4 month plan.

All the best to all PMP aspirants.


Way to go, Anikrish! a very detailed lessons learned, too. Thanks for sharing!

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thanks Retire...

Sorry few corrections on my post.
I took 45 minutes for 50 questions and there was no negative questions as which is not part of?