Passed 8/28

Hi, I wanted to share a little about my experience, so here goes. I passed on my first try 8/28. I work at a company that had Penn State come in and teach a course for 28 weeks (once a week). While this was a good introduction, it was relatively useless as far as preparing for the exam. By that, I mean the course may have helped me with 2-3 questions at most. I, like many others, bought multiple books (for dummies, Joe Phillips, Heldman, etc.). In hindsight, there are 2 books that prepared me: Rita and Velociteach. The others were a distraction as well as a confidence destroyer!!! Focus on the 2 I mention and you'll be fine. There are now 3 other people in my office who have all passed on the first try (they are the only others to take it) and they studied the same material. Take the tests over and over. I found that PMP is all about learning to give the answer they are looking for. That may sound obvious, but the lesson is to suspend what you would do in the real world and choose the answer the question is pushing you toward. Remember, you need to pass 61% or greater. Don't get hung up on 1 or 2 things that, in reality, will only get you another 2-3 questions. If you've taken the practice tests and are scoring in the mid 80's or close, you're ready. As far as a brain dump, I memorized about 13 or so formula's. I used 3-4 of them. Just the basics will get you through most of the questions. As for preparation, I took the practice tests twice. I read the book thoroughly once, then went back and skimmed for concepts. If I saw something that looked unfamiliar (to the point where I couldn't elaborate on it) I read it again. You get to a point where you aren't absorbing anything more with this material. In that case, take the test.

As for the test itself, my colleagues and I found it to be frustrating. If you have a similar experience to us, you won't be confident you're passing most of the way through. I had 1-2 questions regarding critical path (same with my co workers) and about 10 formula questions. Be prepared to see terms you haven't studied as well (different names for phases, knowledge areas). They are testing you on your decision making ability. If you've done the studying you will be fine. Good luck!!!