Passed with 4MP and 1P (M&C)

Finally passed the exam on the 25th of July. I delayed for almost a year before finally sitting for the exam. Had to do it in July as August onwards the exams will be based on PMBOK 5.

I read through one round of Rita's book in January. I did another round in July the first 2 weeks. After that it was mainly test questions. I did all the test questions at the end of each chapter of Rita's book. I also did questions from Exam Central (Found this easier and scored around 70%) and Oliver Lehmann (75 and 175 both got around 58%).

PMBOK  i only went through the glossary and printed out the pages with the Overview chart for each knowledge area, which shows all the processes for that knowledge area, the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. Reason why i did not read PMBOK is 1 - i did not have much time and 2 - it was too boring to read.

As for the exam itself, it wasnt as difficult as how alot of people put it. There was only about 10 formula questions, about 4 direct questions on Output. The rest were basically situational however the long ones i had was only about 10 the most. The rest were reasonable. I finished my exam in 3 hours 30 mins.

I found the post below on LL really useful. I think the writer summed it up well.