One week to go before PMP exam

Hello All,


    I am new to the forum and scheduled to take the PMP exam one week from today. So far I have completed one full length exam on ExamCentral in 2 hours with no review of answers and scored a 68%. I have also been averaging 75% on the end of chapter quizzes in Rita's text.


Based on experience with one week remaining how well am I positioned to pass the exam?


My prep has been:


Started listening to Rita's audio book 2-3 months ago and completed 3-4 full passes

Took a 5 week prep class (met on Saturdays 8:00am-4:00pm) through a PMI chapter which was based on Crowe's book.

Read PMBOK once

Rounding out Rita's physical text this weekend and completing all chapter quizzes

Bought PM Fast Track to prepare during the final week



Any insight/ advice would be greatly appreciated.


Please find the wrong answers and the reasoning behind them while taking mock exams. Also practice doing some problems from Cost and Time Management Chapter. Rita and HeadFirst would be helpful for these PMP problems.

All the best ! Keep practicing !

 Thank you for the input, I have definitely been reviewing the wrong answers. I plan on getting 2 full length Rita exams in this week as well as special focus on any areas I feel weak in. I will definitely review Time and Cost. 



 Today I passed the PMP with 5MP, its only becuase of MOck Tests .... listed below. 

1:- PMP - Fastrack 76%

2:-Super PMP PMP 75%

3:- O'Reily exam 200 Qs 88%- it was easeir and with short questions i made it in 3 Hrs.

4:- Oliver- 75 Qs 61% .. very tought and lengthy.

5:- Exam central :- 71% look easy and short seems CAMP question cause most of them were about ITTO and processes.

6:- Voights- 10 Qs 5 rounds every day. scorring around 70% to 80%

7:- Supper PMP-  again 75%..

8: PMstudy - Test1- 75.5% . 

Congratulations on getting PMP certified.


~ Diba

 Congrats, I hope to be joining you soon. 

 Congrats man!.

 In addition, try to flip through PMBOK again!.

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