Once you get Requirements, What would be the next step

Once you get Requirements, the next steps would be to

Create a team.
Create WBS
Assign Roles and responsibilities
Estimate time and cost
Develop Schedule and Budget
Procurement Analysis
Develop final Project Plan
Prepare performance baseline
Get it approved by the management

Is it a question that are you trying to answer or just info that you want to share with us?

Please share your views and comments on this.


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The next step is to get it approved by the Management (Management is also not perfect in here, Rather it should be Stakeholder's).

If you want I can explain why not each of the above the second.

But backing my answer for getting approval from Stakeholder's is because (You know what requirment's are, So I don't need to explain it ).

In a nutshell the objective of collect requirment is to define, refine and document management, sponsor and the stakeholder’s expectations and needs for meeting the project objective.

So they need to be agreed in order for the project to be successful, So those needs or requirement or expectations must be documented and approved from stakeholder's which will help you through out the project.


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In the real world , once you get the requirements , you will start the process of requirements validation to see if the requirements are feasible to implement given the project constraints.

Once that is done you start with design, so my answer would be to create WBS, which is the next logical step. Not sure if approval from management is required in all cases. I dont think that is the flow in PMBOK

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@admin, We all know there are many things happening in the real world that PMI don't even would listen :) I hope you understand what I am trying to say especially in the Contract thing.

I think After you collect requirements, Buy in is very much important of the stakeholder. you go to the stakeholder, present them with all the requirement you have collected from all the stakeholders and have them signed on, So that you can get there buy in and also carry them and agree them on certain point to make the project a success.

So I stick to my previous statement.

Adding more Requirement Documentation is the output of the collect requirement preocess which becomes an input to many processes.

Requirement documentation has all the requirements from the stakeholder which should be well documented and Signing Off must be the second most important thing after requirement documentation as the stakeholder may forget what his requirement was and what he has commuincated to you.

Since requirement documentation should be used throughout the project in order to manage stakeholder expectations, So it's always important to have them agreed well before the project is started and signed off.

@Admin, I would tend to disagree with you as the next logical process in to define the Scope and come up with a Project scope Statement.