Oliver Lehmann's 75 free PMP questions

There are few questions in Lehmann's set of 75 free online questions.  The questions are on the following topics,

1. Journey to Abilene

2. FTY & RTY

3. Whistleblowing

4. Global Literacies

Are these topics covered in PMBOK and can appear on the PMP exam ?



Hi Anil,

They are NOT covered in PMBoK, but this should not be your basis for studying. A LOT of stuff is requested at the test and are not even mentioned in the PMBoK guide.

 Think about PMBoK more as a manual. Who reads manuals from cover to cover?

I recommend you to buy a book to be your reference (as Rita's). Study the topic in this book and skim through PMBoK's correspondent chapter to get an understanding of how things work.

If you try to read the PMBoK from cover to cover, I'll probably catch yourself finishing a page and don't even remembering the last sentence. It's pretty boring.

And do a LOT of preparation testes (Rita's is the best in my opnion, but complement with others)

 The topics you mentioned I GUESS are a little bit beyond the test scope, but not less interesting to know:


1. Journey to Abilene- Related to compromising. Everybody must agree with a decision but it pleases and serves no one. (the story tells about a trip that everybody agreed to please the others and it was a bad idea for everyone)

2. FTY & RTY- 6 sigma concepts. Related to the number of defects found in a process of manufacturing ofr instance (how many gets in, how many gets out, with and without rework).

3. Whistleblowing. Related to professional responsibility. An employee telling someone outside the company (government officials for instance) that the company is perfoming something unethical or ilegal.

4. Global Literacies. About culture diversity. Ability to succeed in a multi-cultural environment.

 If you find hard questions and feel unconfortable not knowing, google it. It will give you a hint if you should studyy further or just keep the test response.


AND most important of all: watch out you practice test sources. I found MANY tests with wrong answers, and this may lead you to fail the exam. Why not to buy Rita's fastrack or other trustfull source?





Those questions are going to help those people who want to pass the exams. Take time to read and you will get a thing or two. - Doug Battista