Ok , I have it!

I've just have my PMP exam. It was my 2nd time but now success! :-)

Today I have many (approx 10) questions regarding formulas, some delagation and many quality related.

Both time I had the same 2 buggy questions:one with  LateStart < EarlyStart (???) and other had  2  identical answers.

 In preparation I had PrepCast (Thak you 
!): I used it in my car mp3 player.

First time I had only Rita's book, but for the last time I've read PmBok too.

Regarding study plan: I've got one from PrepCast, but I "had to compress" it .  Really was good PmPrepcast news letter and PMP materials found here. (Formulas for PMP: It saved my life! Thank you!)





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Congratulations on your achievement and Thanks for sharing


Congratulations! I am happy to hear that The PM PrepCast and my other materials was instrumental for you in passing the PMP exam.

Cornelius Fichtne, PMP

The PM PrepCast: http://www.pmprepcast.com
The Formula Study Guide: http://www.pmstudyguide.com



 I am happy to share the news that I cleared my PMP certification exam this Saturday. Questions from PMZilla were tough for me, but I helped me to identify the weak areas, if you attempt these questions, real PMP questions will look simple!!

 All the best to other aspirants.



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Hi Pallavi,

 Congratulations on this achievement and thanks for giving your feedback about PM zilla. That was the whole purpose of PM Zilla test, to prepare one for real PMP questions so that the final exam looks easy.

 If you can post your lessons learnt in the forums, that will be helpful for future PMP Aspirants

 With Regards

Admin, PM Zilla.