Not confident to give exam


I am not getting confidence to appear for the exam. Kindly let me know how to decide when i am ready for the exam. Please give specific ways to judge.





Hi Manish,

Remember project management study is too deep, if you try to cover everything it will be very diffcult. This is what i did when i was doing last month, i scoped my study to PMP certification purpose only. See if that helps.

And dont forget, try to give more mock exams. Don't try easy one and then try doing some analysis on mock exam result.

Why do you think you are not feeling confident ?



Hi Deepak

I always feel that my preparation is not enough. Some topics are left. Some areas are weak. etc.. and hence i keep feeling that I need more time to study.. Not getting the feeling that i have learnt everything in PMBOK and RITA.



 If you can get 80% three times from three different complete mock exam. You are ready !! 

I would say keep last exam from Rita's book. If you score 80%, you will be fine..

Good luck


find more sample questions at

I will say make your own notes and try to understand the topic instead of just going through the book and then go through mock exams and analysis the wrong answers and think why the answer was wrong like what did you miss ?

And think positive.

 Can you suggest some good exams sources.

Try  PMZilla (Good one), PmStudy (one free, 3 paid), Oliver Lehman tests,  one in head first book (easy, but good to start with).


Manish try lot of practice tests and map your weak areas and do more study on them. pmzilla, preparepm, oliver lehman has some good questions. try to cover rita 6 chapters and study them again read pmbok for the 6 and then go to next set of 6. this way you can break down effort and see where you need more concentration. try practicising lot of exam questions and do them truthfully not looking at answers and redo study based on weak areas.

you should score really well in exam. all the best.

Thanks Gk

Could you please help me with some good exams..some of the exams which i tried had some seemingly incorrect answers which have confused me more.

preparepm, oliver lehman, pmzilla have good questions. preparepm and pmstudy are close to real exam.

understand the rita questions and just study rita and pmbok , they should cover 100% of exam.

 PMPerfect!! How about these exam questions? Are they good enough...In one of the recent LLs in PMZilla someone mentioned that they are real close to real PMP questions. Kindly advise.

yes. thats a good site as well. the questions are really good. can match real questions. i would recommend not to go with a fixed mind in the real exam. expect to see atleast 10-15% questions that you can never even imagine before and if you go with the mindset how to mitigate them then you should be fine.good luck