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Information in the WBS dictionary does not include?


A.) Contract Information

B.) Quality Requirements

C.) Responsible Organization

D.) Project Activities


A)Contract information?

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answer B

 I think it should be A. 'contract information'

what is the correct answer?

Activities are created after create wbs process and so Project activities cannot be included in WBS dictionary.

I think its D.

Answer should be A.

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I answer again:D

 like wbs dictionary , there is activity attributes 

and like create wbs there is  define activities.

wbs dictinary does not know about activities, it knows only work packages as lowest decomposition.

whereas in define activity WPKGS further detailed  in activities for measurement of resource time and cost.

Page no: 453

For each WBS Compnent, the WBS dictionary includes a brief definition of the

scope or statement of work,

defined deliverable(s),

a list of associated activities,

and a list of milestones.

Other information may include:

responsible organization,

start and end dates,

resources required,

an estimate of cost,

charge number,

contract information,

quality requirements,

and technical references to facilitate performance of the work. 


The confusion here is should "a list of associated activities"  the same as "Project Activities"?

I think it should be different, Project Activities is explained and is part of Define Activity.

Also the question is asking about Information in the WBS Dictionary and Project Activities is not found in the Information List given above


PMBOK 4 P 134 Last  Para


The activity list, WBS, and WBS dictionary can be developed either sequentially or concurrently, with the WBS and WBS dictionary as the basis for development of the final activity list.

It means Activity list is a seperate project documents.

All 3 options are mentioned in - list of information of wbs dICTIONARY - p121-122

A.) Contract Information

B.) Quality Requirements

C.) Responsible Organization


Though associated schedule activities means - under respective work packages in wbs dictionary related activities code idenfiers are mentioned, in a bunch. 

in one way it is the information of pro activities, but detailed description of pro activities will be in activity list , which is seperately maintained in project documents through - processes define activities to schedule activities.


So out of 4 possible answer only been remained D or else no one.

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