Network Diagrams


I have noticed that in some training materials, the first activity in a network diagram starts with day 0, and in others it starts with day 1. Starting with day 0 appears to be much easier and faster. The results are the same, but I would like to practice with the concepts on the exam.

Does anyone have any experience with how the exam approaches this?



Warm Greetings to you JM,

I had 2 Network Diagrams for the exam and they were a part of the whole Network diagram where I had to do the back ward Pass and I forgit the other one to get the reult of single Activity.

The reults of of both the technique are same and I am sure you will not find difficulty in getting the right result. And as mentioned by you Starting with day 0 is easier and I would suggest you continue with practicing the same as it will not make any diffrence in the exam.

Cheers and Best Luck for the exam.



These network diagrams seem to be very good. People have used this for presentation purposes and everybody is loving it. - Marla Ahlgrimm