Hello Everyone, I'm writing the PMP exam in 2 days! I'm so nervous! 

Here are my scores for the practice exams:

HeadFirst: 85%

PMStudy:63% :-\

Oliver 175: 75%

PMP4sure 50: +75%

PassionatePMP: 78%


Hi Zeda – You are doing excellent. Securing around 65-80% in all good mock test you are tried should give you smile on your face. Don’t worry much friend, PMP exam is not your school and college exam i.e. if you fail your life stops. Treat PMP exam like a value added exam and nothing else. Go with a mind set to accept success and failure both, you will relax then.

Here is my last moment tip for you. You pass PMP because:

1. You have some PM knowledge

2. You understand PMBOK IITO

3. You can apply common sense during the exam

4. You keep with you the patience and smiles


Do not study anything more, just revise IITO now. I am sure you will crack the PMP exam with the scores I see, wish you good luck.

Hi Zeda, I totally agree with Saket. You are doing excellently well. All the Best... Thanks, KK....

not later than 1 day before the actual exam, review the PMBOK 4 Definition of terms and acronyms. Believe me, 20-25% of the exam's comprehension will be from definition of terms.

 Hi All, I passed!!! :) 

4 MP and 1 BP. Exam was tough and the toughest part was sitting for 4 hours with your full concentration. Many questions on Quality and Procurement. ! 


Congrats Zeda. Look we told you so that you are doing very well and you proved us right as well. Congrats again... :).... KK....

A special congratulations for you.


You just used the above free materials? You did not use any paid test?


I am eager to hear this from you.