Needed. Any takers please?

Dear All:-


Its been really long that I am back to the best or in other words, visiting PMZilla again. There was a time when PMZilla was constantly on one of my comp's windows.


I passed my PMP on 7th February, 2013 in Prometric, Gurgaon, India on my 2nd attempt. The reason of passing vis a vis failure, in hindsight, I realise that due to lack of study partners.


Since I do not belong to the Computer world (soft/hardware) hence PRiskM is my next target. I plan to take that exam max by March, 2014.


I am looking for study partners, the way I had during my PMP days. Some of them are Respected Pawarji Sir, Sendil, Karthik, Ravi Dutt, Prashant Langade, Dibakar, and few more. Apologies since I am failing to recollect a couple of names. There was a friend in US Genpact and he was v v dear. All of us gelled so well, we were very honest in our approach & aspiration and naturally all of us passed.


Kindly let me know. I shall be watching the space. My email id is



KK, PMP :)

Welcome back KK bhai! Miss those PMP days tremendously.

~ Diba




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 Welcome KK<, What is PRiskM, Is it some Risk management certi ?

Thanks Diba. Missed you and the enterprising Zilla a lot.


Yes, dear admin. PRiskM actually is Project Risk Management (PRM). Please guide me Sir how to go about it. Due to some pressing reasons I can take this exam only once and by March, 2014.


Best Regards....

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 Dear KK, which certification is this, I cant find anything by PRM in google. Can you please post the link to certification you intend to take. 

Admin Sir,


PRM is another certification test conducted by PMI apart from ACP, Prog Mangmnt, et al.



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 PMI Certification is called RMP not PRM :)


There is already a forum here on PMZilla for RMP certification. Check some posts there, its helpful. 

 Oops.. Yes. Apologies.


Its indeed RMP. Apologies for the oversight Admin Bhai.





 If my company sponsors, cost is 555 USD. 

 If my company sponsors, cost is 555 USD.