Need Mock up questions by Knowledge Area wise


I'm looking for sample PMP questions by Knowledge area wise. I have looked into few of the famous sites given in PMZilla LLs; but I cant find one that provides questions by KA.

Can any one suggest any site?



 My advice is do not try to answer sample PMP questions KA wise..Complete your preparation by reading the  material, then try to answer the questions. You should be able to identify which KA the question is related to.

This is one of the challenges you will face during the real exam (finding out which KA and/or process the question is about),  and if you know beforehand which KA the question comes from, you are getting an advantage- one which you will not have for the real exam.


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Christopher Scordo and few others listed here are chapter wise.

Rita's questions at back of each chapter are really good and worth going through once.


Kim Heldman book  

Rita's Fasttrack allows you to take mock tests based on knowledge areas or process groups. I found this to be extremely helpful because I learned how to read a question and determine what process group or knowledge area it was referring to.

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The link that you posted - is not available anymore. Could you kindly check and provide the correct link. This would be really useful!

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This is the working link which worked for me: