Need Guidance!


Dear PMI Professionals,

I am new to PMI (even though i subscribed to the PMI back in 2011 summer). 

I am a B.Tech Electrical Engg and MBA

I finished MBA in 2010 and started working as Change Manager-working with the project manager in  2010 until present.I am very much interested in getting PMI certifications.

My questions:

Can i go for PMP examination or i have to go through CAPM exam since i dont have 4,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education?

Can i use my masters degree towards required hours?

Could you please advise the best, shortest and effective way to earn PDUs?

Thanks in anticipation




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You can directly go for PMP , no need to go for CAPM. Wait till you get 4500 hours in PM experience. Any experience is counted,  even if you work 4500 hours as change manager, I am sure you can distribute that experience from Initiation to CLosing its not required that you have hours in each bucket.

You will need to get 35 hours from R.E.P. Two of them are listed on the top on this website.

PMP is not just about clearing the exam, eligibility is important and that is why the credential has market value.

Read New2PMP section here.


 Many thanks for your fast response.

Another question, I am an consultant therefore how can i prove my work experience?

In the mean time i will dig down on how to gain 35 hours from R.E.P.




Hi Gaurav - As per the info I read, you started working from 2010.

Requirement 1:
To my knowledge you should have working experience in project management for 3 years i.e. minimum 4500 hours. Project management experience is wrongly seen as management experience, but for PMI its any phases of project i.e. Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & control and Closing. If you have worked in any of these project phases, it counts for PMI. However you will have to make sure some part (small time) is applied in all these phases in the 4500 hours. E.g. for a project A you can just claim for Execution and for Project B you can claim for Initiation and closing etc...All these are valid cases.

Requirement 2:
You should have 35 hours of training or workshop on "Project Management". You can get this from REP's by attending their workshop (paid) or if you have attended such training or workshop in your company you can ask the company HR to issue you a certificate clearly stating the total hours and date when you attended such training. Such PDU qualifies for your life time eligibility i.e. it has no expiry. Your education will not work for such PDU.

There is NO dependencies with CAPM and PMP.


pmp_man Many thanks for your response.

I am exposed to mulitple projects within the same firm therefore i have Initiation, planning, monitoring and execution experience.

Could you please help me on how to prove this experience since i am an consultant.


I am sure you also updated many project documents, lesson learnt, archives, some indirect participation in releasing resources etc. In short, these time spent can be put in closing phase. In reality any work you do in project has all project phase time involved, all we need is to think about it. !

Don't worry for proving it, just keep these info handy. PMI registration process for PMP is user friendly and well made, while you fill the form online, for each project you will be required to enter these. Its that simple to think for now.!

I know you are excited to know more and you have lots of questions on this. Even I have gone through this phase, so I understand. There are two ways your excitement can be fulfiled:

1. Go and participate for a PMP workshop organised by REP. Although in India you will have to pay for it between INR 8,000 to 15,000. But this will give you 35 PDU on paper and also would give you a chance to interact with PMP faculty where you can ask these tons of questions.

2. Go to PMI website and create a login. You can click on Certifications (PMP) and try to fill the form or at least see every fields. You don't have to pay anything for it. Your payment would come to picture only if you submit the filled application. The point is, if this process is free why not to create a login and try it. You will have many questions resolved.

hi i am looking for latest questions of for the preparation of PMI exam can you please share these guides with me for exam preparation. looking forward for your positive response