Need clarification on Scordo question


You have been managing a Federal highway construction project which is intended to improve the transportation between north and south regions of a country. Being in the execution phase, the change control board has approved many change requests generated from stakeholders including the highway transportation agency. At least half of those requests were made to bring the quality of the micro texture of the road aligned with the quality levels incorporated in the project management plan. What is the next course of action for you going forward?

  1. Initiate a defect repair to repair the road or completely pave a new road

  2. Initiate a preventive action to reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with the poor quality of the road

  3. Initiate a change request to bring the road quality in line with the project management plan

  4. Initiate a corrective action to bring the future quality of the road in line with the project management plan


Answer is B - Change requests are initiated and submitted to the change management board. Once change requests are approved, the project manager must give a documented direction to prevent, correct or repair based on the approved changes. In this scenario, the project performance seems to be deviated from the project management plan. So, you must initiate a preventive action to assure future performance aligns with the project management plan


1. As per me, though the Change Requests have been only approved but no where it is mentioned or obvious that the required changes have been implemented. So, one should first think of implementing necessary changes for any Approved Change Request...whether Corrective Action/ Defect Repair and then later on think about Preventive Actions

2. My understanding is that the Road being constructed is the product of the project which had quality issues and so Change Request for Defect repair was raised. What I understand is "Defect repairs are implemented when the product or deliverable does not meet the documented quality requirements whether quality issues are found before the product is delivered to Client or after submission to client".

So, I go with option A. Initiate a defect repair to repair the road or completely pave a new road

Please let me know if my understanding is correct. If not please clarify

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The question is about the next course of action. I think its obvious that CRs will be implemented, but as PM you should take preventive action to prevent such CRs from coming again. 

Thanks a ton for your response ...

It has really made sense to me. As per you what kind of CR must have been raised already.. Am I right in thinking those as defect repair.

Why I'm asking is bcoz I have got so many varied responses from various peole to justify the correct anwer given by Scordo, which has now made me rethink if I really clearly understand types of CRs.

If possible kindly differenciate between Corrective, Preventive action and Defect repair for me(but not pmbok definitions) with some good examples.

I am going to take the PMP exam this month itself...Would be gr8 if you can provide response little fast.






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