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I found the following questions raised in PMPBest Yahoo group..Please answer them



WBS dictionary is done. Risk identifcation started. Sponsor wants PM to issue responsibility matrix. Project is hapening involves 14 resources across 3 countries. Budget= 100000$
PM has experience with similar projects and has managed similar ones and there is little is little risk expected.
What is the NEXT thing to do?
(1)Understand experience of sponsor
(2)Create activity list
(3)Make sure project scope is defined
(4)Complete risk management and issue the Resp. Assignment matrix
2) During project executing, your team member identified a risk that is currently not in the risk register. What would you do as the NEXT thing? (Give me an answer with your thought process)

A. Ask the team member as to how he/she identified the risk and get further information from the team member

B. Get more stakeholders involved since soem risks have not been uncovered by the current set of stakeholders.

C. Analyze the risk.

Suresh S

Q1 my answer is 2 - create activity list

Q2 my answer is 3 - Analyze the risk