Need advise on my Study Plan~Exam on 4th Jan

Hello Friends,

I am planning to give my Exam on 4th Jan and wanted to understand what should be my approach for the next 20 days.

Below is what i have completed so far:

* Read Rita 2 times, Read PMBOK once.

With the amount of Office Work i am not able to spend more than 2-3 hours on a Daily Basis. (My Office hours start at 8 AM and ends at 8 PM everyday).

Hence i need your help in my preparation for the next 20 days, so provide me your suggestions as to what should i focus now, should i read RITA once more and PMBOK along with it and plan to give mock tests in the remaining 10 days ?

Or should i start giving mock exams everyday in the night and ready chapters where I am weak. I have bought PMP Exam Simulartor from (PM-EXAM-SIMULATOR.COM).

Kindly advise

Hi All,

       Can you please let me know if there is any percentage wise no.of questions across the Knowledge Areas in the PMP exam



I just posted my experience on the forum, please refer that. "Passed PMP Exam - Dec 16 th)

I took below sample tests: - 75 Q - got 61.5 % - solved 600 Q out of 900- Avg 70% (i would highly recommend this) - 170 Q - 67% (higly recommended)

and Rita's every chapter has question so Rita has total 450 Q  - avg 65%

And few Free mobile apps - PMPro - by Nair, PMP Exam Prep Free by Ashita Jadhav - These two are best apps. PMPro app has ITTO, Flash cards, formulas, Dictionary, sample mock test etc.

Besides above 2 apps other few apps, Quiz PMP and PMI SP Mock