Need Advise on my Study Plan - Exam on 4th Jan

Hello Friends,

I am planning to give my Exam on 4th Jan and wanted to understand what should be the approach that i need to take in the next 20 days.

* I have studied Rita 2 times, PMBOK once.

With the amount of Office work i can barely spend 2-3 hours everday for the Exam (Day Starts at 8 AM and ends at office around 8 PM, only after that i get some time to study)

So need suggestion on what should be my next plan, should i study RITA or PMBOK once more and when have 10 days left focus only on Practice Tests or start Practice Testing right away and study on the weak areas based on the scores ?

Kindly suggest


We have almost same situation,


I have exam on 30/12,

I studied Rita two times, PMBOK one time, going through PMBOK for the second time now, chapter a day, and solving questions,


I'm planning to skim Rita a third time, very quickly, like whole book in 4 - 5 hours, and maybe I'll skim the highlighted areas in PMBOK, this all should finish within next week, I'll then have few days before the exam, which I'll use to only solve quistions,

I have also to Memorize the theories and names behind it,




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Practice tests will help. Also try pMZIlla questions it will be great help. 


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Good luck.