Need advise on Last Minute preparation

Hi All,

My exam date is on 4th Jan 2015. I have only 20 days left for my exam. I have only 2 to 3 hrs per day to study due to office work. I have read PMBOK and Head First. I have taken tests from RITA book.

My scores on an average : 65%.

Do I need to study PMBOK again or practice paid mock exams like PM EXAM Simulator or PM Study.

Please suggest. My weak area is : Time management network diagram questions. Please suggest whether I need to postpone my exam at this stage by paying 70 dollars?

I have Rita fasttrack software and simplilearn online course which has 5 paid mock exams. Is it enough If I use the above or DO I need to buy PM EXAM Simulator or PM Study mock exams. Please advise.





Hi Praveen 

This is coming from someone who passed on his second attempt. Since you do have 20 days and would have some days off around the New Year, you should be practicing more questions. You should be aiming to score above 70% to really be sure of your succcess.  I am not sure whether you would need to reschedule your exam as of yet as you do have time to boost those scores up. You should really be doing more mock tests. Although Simplilearn (I have used it), Rita, and Headfirst are great, it would be beneficial if you get time to read the PMBOK once again. If that seems a bit hard, you can use this app 'PMP Exam Mentor' that I used to revise content from PMBOK. Other than that you might want to look at some Oliver Lehmann questions as well.  

Good luck with the exam


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65% is not so good, please practice more.