Need Advise After Failing PMP Twice

Hi All

i attempted PMP twice and failed both times so confused and not sure about going for third attempt.


i have another 6 month for expiry of my eligibility and given new exam format starting in Jan


i need help with study plan.


Hello Friend,

Very sorry to hear about you. Please do not get dishearten and give your attempt again with the best energy you have. Since you have already attempted the real PMP questions you know the best how PMP questions are. Do not get misguided by exploring all free options available across, high scores in easy mock test is one of the important cause of failure. Concentrate more on PMBOK and just any one reference book, when you read PMBOK think real life on project management, Rita helps a lot here. Among the mock tests, I found tough and confusing tests like Oliver, PMZilla, PMZest and Rita FT the best, here you won’t secure high but you would make learning. Try attempting this type of tough tests. Also, have patience and give ample time to try the next attempt, do not hurry and listen to lot many people.

I did post my PMP exam passing journey here, you may find it useful:

Good luck for the PMP exam, I am sure and confident you will do it this time.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

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Hello Sandeep,

Rohit is absolutly right with all he wrote befor.ld just be

Did you have analyzed the root cause of your failure? Weere are your weak areas?

My suggestion would be - cause you've had another 6 Month - just to start it all over and from the right beginning. Since you already somewhat conform with the content and the questions, you should not need that much time. But make a realistic and challenging study plan and than stick to it; consequently!

Little problem might be, that the exam will changing in January 2016, but on the other hand, you know that and you can consider this circumstances in your plannings.

You should just be sure to rely on study materials which are aligned with the changes; there is a new Version of Rita's 8th edition which is updated for instance.

Another big point which rohit already mentioned: DO NOT rely on all that free sample questions and mock exams; some might be good but to realy train and practice for the real exam you should invest some money for a professionell exam simulator if you did not already.

And like i said already, you have to find out where you're weak areas are and than focus on them. You could do so when analyzing the mock exams you did and where you have been wrong and WHY?! And than get behind it.

Here are some links which may be helpful regarding your topics:

Creating Your PMP Study Plan - The Complete Guide

PMBOK Knowledge Areas for Project Management Guide 5th Edition - Process Groups and Processes - The Complete Guide

  The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) 

Regarding the simulator, you may try this one for free trial:

Simulator Free:

I have used it while my preparations and it is professionell and as close to the real axam as it could be, you can proove this since you have already done the exam.

Hope this helps a bit.

Please let me know or post here again if you have any specific questions. We will help you and you can do it, for sure!

Best of luck!






Thanks for helping the test takers. 

Do you know which site (Paid one) questions has close to real exam, I have seen below from LL

1) - 45USD, 6 Full tests, not sure about the validity period

2), 4 full tests, videos, study material for 89.95USD, 30 days validity period

3), 90 days, 99USD, 9 full mock tests


Appreciated your reply. If you know any other sites which are close to rela exam will be helpful, either free or paid.



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I just know about the prepcast simulator , cause this was the only one i have used for preparations.

I can tell that it is as close to the real exam as it could be; may be a little bit more ITTO - focused than the real exam, cause Cornelius LOVE's the ITTO's.

But that is not a big deal, instead it helps to focus on the weak areas you might be identifiying while analyzing your results.

I would recommend this one:

Exam Simulator:

You may try it for free:

Simulator Free:

I can't tell about any other simulators as far as i didn't know them.




Thank you Markus.

I heard in other forums as well.

I will try.



thanks for inputs as per test result i got BP in closing and monitering area so i am planning to focus on this area more this time while learning.


Hello Sandeep,

I agree with both experts view. In case you require my help here, do let me know. I will be happy to respond your queries here.

Just dont get de-motivated, there are many like you.

Thanks & Regards,

Roy, PMP

Thanks guys for inputs.


i have PMBOK guide which i am reading again..then i am planning to read head first and take simulation exams to identify gaps followed by reading weak areas...

let me know if reading PMBOK and head first book two resources enough or i need to use third resource to prepare at this time as i referred this two only in the past.

another questions i have is going for exam before it changes or prepare well in take exam once i feel confident about the preparation.

what do you think about new exam starting Jan 12? is it going impact on my preparation if i decide to take new exam?



Hey Sandeep,

Sorry for my late reply. I don’t visit here that frequently now. 

This will be your 3rd attempt i.e. you have already seen real PMP questions 2 times. Just PMBOK and Headfirst is fine enough. If you can, then read Rita book (just preferred). Take good mock tests like Rita Fast Track, PMZest, Oliver, Pmzilla etc. You don’t need big preparation now. I have seen experts who suggests to take PMP exam in a month time if you have failed. This keeps the energy and preparation moving in pace and in right direction without break.

Nothing much is changing from 12th Jan 2016. They have just added few tasks which most of the people already know. In PMP exam they ask real life situational questions more and this will not get affected with any such minor add-on’s.

Thanks & Regards,
Roy, PMP

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I think this is time for us to take a good deep breath and plan for another challenge. I failed at the first attempt and already registered for second. (end of October) I slightly tune my studying schedule/alternative and hopefully it could help. I also download some new materials recommended from friend of mine who passed the exam. Those materials seems work on me so far and I always carry them on my phone and practice all the way back to office in subway. I knew my weakness is that I need to speed up my reading and calculation/ITTOs skills. I am confident and looking forward to the end of October exam. So, don't give up.



can we connect and study together? let me know which new material you are referring this time and its working for you.



Hi Sandeep,

Project Management Professional (PMP) is not an easy exam to attempt. Lasting for 4 hours, it has 200 multiple choice questions, of which one has to answer at least 106 correctly to qualify. The exam is designed to be extremely difficult so that only the best candidates can get the certification. This is the reason why PMP holds immense value and its certificate holders get paid handsomely.
I would like to share an article about How to Cope With Failure in PMP Examination. Hope this will helps you.



I think I am late in writing this comment. But nonetheless. Markus has given some excellent advice. You must follow it. In addition you can look at an article I wrote - 12 Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam

You must find the root cause of what happened before taking next action.


All the best.