Need Advice on PMP exam- Failed first time

Hi Guys,

I am in grave situation where PMP certification has become mandatory for me.

I had earned 35 PDU from the site in 2013 Feb, teacher was pathetic, he didn't guide me well. He said, it's a matter of few weeks exam. 

Honestly, my fault too, I took it lightly, at that PMBOK5 was going to be lanuch in August or September 2013. When I registered for exam around May 2013, I could fine th exam date only in that month rest all seats for full.

So, I studied PMOK4 (01 time) and RITA (01 time), did not give mock test exams and knew what will happen to me.

Anyways, I failed miserably, I couldn't manage time during exam, kept spending time on reading question and trying to solve instead moving forward. Lost confidence and forgot all formulas.

Can any one please guide me on how should I prepare and plan for exam, I have only 2 month starting from today (18th Jan) to submit exam.

Any thought and guidance will be helpful.

Hi Naveed,

I have an article about How to Prepare for PMP Certification? Hope it helps you to start your preparation. 

All the Best for your PMP

Thanks Poonam, it helped!

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Tell us why you must take the exam in two months?  Take the PMP test when you are ready.

Project managers are taught to avoid project deadlines that are unreasonable.  You "push back" with your manager, negotiate new deadlines, or don't take the project if the deadline is unreasonable.

Go to PMBOK 5 or a 2nd source (Rita, Heldman, Crowe, Akhter) and look up critical path.  Given that you have collected your requirements and are developing a schedule, what is your "critical path" for passing the PMP?  What are your milestones in preparing for the PMP test?

My journey for passing the PMP took 9 months.  Three of those months were unfocused study, one of those months involved a significant delay to pass ITIL v3 test.  Really, it took me 4-5 months to pass the test.

I read PMBOK 4 and Heldman thoroughly.  I created my own 170 page document of notes.  I studied 1000 questions and learned from the questions I had wrong.  I took 3-4 four hour practice tests.

When I was satisfied with my test results, then I scheduled for my PMP test and passed it.

Passing the PMP is an exercise in using critical path methods and milestones to ready yourself for the PMP.

Best Wishes,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

Hi Every one,

First of all, I would like to thank every one for your valuable feedback and I would say this forum is really helpful.

The reason I want to give PMP is that I am in a field where it has become mandatory for me to earn PMP credentials as I am an electrical engineer dealing in projects. I am working in country where I have decided to leave after 2 months.

Can some one advise on below points

1) Can some one provide a sample, link for filing application to PMI?

2) I do have PMBOK5 and RITA 8. I want to focus on these two only. So, what stretegy should I adopst? I mean, should I first read PMBOK 5 till end in one go and then I should start RITA? or I should read one chapter of PMOK then read the sample chapter in RITA?

If any one has any tips to remember the important points that will be helpful


First Make sure you have PMBOK 5 ,not PMBOK4

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I was relaying my own experience.  I studied PMBOK 4 and read Heldman's book as part of my studies to pass the PMP in June 2013.

Obviously, anyone studying now should be studying for PMBOK 5.  Hopefully people reading this forum know that we are in the PMBOK 5 period.

Best Wishes,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

 nspirzada1346 said he fail just now and studied PMBOK 4.  If you read his post again, you will spot that. I think that was a key issue.

Don't know where you are located nspirzada1346.  In the event you are in Washington, DC (USA) Metro area then please let me know at, and I can help you.  I understand that time is of essence for you.

Best Wishes,
PMPBOY (Professional PMP Instructor)
Earned my PMP Credential in first attempt itself in July 2011.

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Understand how you must be feeling. Read this post

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no email me to admin at pmzilla dot com

firstly move to PmBok5. I think 2 months is still enough. But at the same time dont let the time be a defining factor on how prepared you are. 

When you give exams time them for 4 hrs. That ways a lot of anxiety related to peripheral elements like sitting thru 4 hrs, decidinh whether to take breaks or not, timing ur pace while answering - all these factors will be taken care of. 

so when you take the actual exam, everything else is already practised, what is new is the qs where u can focus on. 

also give as many qs as possible and after the exam, go thru each of the qs and its ans explanation to understand. 

read PmBok 5 well. 

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For free PMP advice, please contact at


Hi all,

I have started preparing for the second time PMP exam.

I have started reading PMBOK5. Finished complete book (first review) which I am not sure I remember pretty good.

Now, I want to start reading RITA. I am thinking following plan? Can any one help me preparing better and advice for preparing better plan

(1) Finish one chapter of RITA, then review the same chapter on PMBOK5

(2) Attempt the test question given at end of RITA's chapter immediately on the same day I finish reading and reviewing chapter

is that ok? OR

(3) I should first read RITA and PMBOK chapter side by side and once I finish then I should attempt questions which are present at end of each chapter?

I am spending 2 hours daily, how long will it take to master for PMP exams?


Need advice as I want to clear it this time!

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Dont Panic just keep calm & cool.

Just Read Rita once & try to understand it once. Read Atleast twice.

Second time read along with PMBOk( Which U already read) here u can give RIta Chapter Test.

After Second tym reading Rita+PMBOK, go for Scordo test which will enhance ur understanding towards PMBOK.

Just focus word by word in PMBOk now. 

Go for Chapter by chapter Rita + PMBOK + Chapter Test of PMstudy Free.

Then fill ur knowledege gaps & read PMBOK focusly.

Than go for Full Mock tests Head Firsts Mock test,Oliver 175 Q (Analyse them), Simplilearn Free mock test, Exam Central (Easy If u like ), Last & least PMStudy Mock test Free.

Than 1-2 days rest before exam day.

All mocks should be only in last 2 weeks for examination.

Hope u follow & get sucess.

key is PMBOK word by word understanding, Change management, Quality,Communication,Risk,HR, Cost these are majority question on Exam.

Keep ur mind cool, its test of ur mental & physical strength.

take deep breathes to relax ur self.

You just need 2 months, if u do in relax way. 


Md Javeed,PMP