Need advice on PMP

I am a I.T professional with 7+ years of experience in software development without any project management experience.
I want to take the PMP exam and get into project management role but not sure if passing the exam will immediately help me become a project manager. Is it advisable to get project management experience and then take the PMP exam or take the exam first so that it will open project management opportunities?

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Please go through the following:


Thanks for the link. The link is more about pmp preparation and related thinigs.

What I am more interested in knowing is if passing the exam will help me get a project manager job immediately considering I do not have any project management experience. 



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I already answer your query on another question...

It depends !!!! After your PMP you will get a job... May be immediately... May be it will take a while...

You have good Technical experience and whenever you apply for a job that is management related they seek whether previously you held any management position or not.

Now you are Technical but a PMP as well, So when you apply they Hmmmm can consider you, If they son't offer you a Real PM job may be they hire you as an Assistant then after a while you can be promoted...

But since you have no Management Experience and are striving for it, So my sincere advice will be to go for PMP, Write it on your CV and then apply....

If you can do ITIL, that would I guess for sure take you to a PM Job in the IT sector at least...

"Don't wait go for PMP and Write it on your CV before it's late"..

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Just Do It!  Don't expect instant gratification and rewards.  Position yourself by doing PMP so when the opportunity comes- either within your current organization or outside- first you will not be eliminated when competing with others who have PMP.  Even though you may be far better than those having PMP, you can't create a first impression in your favor w/o this and the hiring manager may not have enough confidence w/o this credential.