My Score - need advices

I need advices, here is the score I have :

Exam Central 79%
Christopher Scordo 7 80%
Christopher Scordo 8 84%
Christopher Scordo 9 76%
Christopher Scordo 10 74%
Christopher Scordo 11 76%
Christopher Scordo 12 80%
Christopher Scordo 13 76%
Christopher Scordo 14 70%
Christopher Scordo 15 80%
Christopher Scordo 16 82%
Christopher Scordo 17 70%
pm-exam-simulator 1 30 q 48%
pm-exam-simulator 2 30 q 53%
pm-exam-simulator 3 30 q 80%
free pm exam simulator 80 questions 64%

Oliver Lehmann 75" 76%
Oliver Lehmann 175" 73%
Head First Free - 200Q 84%
Pmzilla Tough 30 questions 53.33%

Any advices


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I feel there are some weak areas due to which you are scoring low in certain tests. Overall you seem to be prepared. Try to focus on your weak areas if you have noted down.



thanks a lot for you advices.. I will try that !!


Thanks again for Pmzilla forum !

when are you planning to take the exam?

maybe in a month..

Dear all experts and PMPians,

I have scheduled my exam on 5th April and I am yet to complete my preparations. I have read one time PMBOK5 complete and I am about to finish RITA 8th edition first reading by 18th march.

In this regard, I will be left with 14 days before exam. Can any one suggest me on following:

- Which is the good site to give quality mock exam test

- Do I need to buy paid exam simulator, I don't have much time to pracice mock exma, so please provide me valuable site, how about the below mentioned website?


- Any short notes, I can use for refresher?

Has any one purchase notes from below site:

Guys, this is my second time, and want to passs, will be thankful for inputs.

Hello nspirzada1346.

Since you have plan to read Rita along with PMBOK, it should work. Among the mock test I found Pmstudy, Pmpforsure (its new name is Pmzest), Oliver and Rita FT to be the good one. Before thinking to buy the paid one, I would suggest, try the free test from them and then decide to go for paid one if that benefits you. I have not used Pmpexamnotes but seen few testimonials here, but honestly I have no idea.

Since you are the second timer, you are best to choose since you have seen actual PMP questions.


Thanks....Will first attempt the free availabe questions.


 Hey Roy
I attempted the free test from Pmzest and could secure 61% only and found the questions good and challenging. I see you have used their tests. Do their other tests are of the same quality or do they have repeated questions?


Hello Tom,

My experience with Pmzest was excellent, I did not see repeated questions but questions were hard and confusing and hence I did not secure too high in their tests. I also spoke to Anmol Sinha on their contact and found the interaction beneficial and motivating.


Appreciate your response and help.


I am in the same situation dude. Need to try some mock tests before I appear.


Hi Learned Souls,


Please advice abt filling up the PMI CAMP application form.


Awaiting in anticipation for your advice ASAP.