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My exam is coming in about 2 weeks and wanted to see where I stand. I am using Rita’s PMP book and PMBOK. I have taken following exam and my scores are:


Oliver Lehmann – 75Q – 77.5%

PMPForSure – 50Q- 84%

SkillSign – 50Q- 68%

ExamCentral – 200Q- 80%

TechFaq360-200Q- 76%

Headfirst – 200Q – 81%

PMStudy Free – 200Q- 70%

ExamCentral – 200Q – 79%

PMZilla – 75 Tough Q – 60% (Ouch)



I plan to learn ITTO, Formulas, revise and take some more full tests – PMZilla (paid 200), PMStudy (Paid 1 or 2), Oliver 175 and SimpliLearn next week.


I thought I am in a good shape until today when I solved PMZilla’s 75QL


 I think you are pretty solid and ready to take the exam.

How many hours you have studied so far ?- what other tools you have used 

Thanks. I wouldn't say I am ready to take the exam yet as still haven't done formulas, ITTO etc. There is just so many little things one is expected to know to pass this exam.

I started studying mid February/Early March so it has been around 2 months now. I try to 1-2 hrs after work and 3-4 on weekends. I have just used PMBOK once and Rita's books couple of times.


You got good score in tests.... I feel you are ready for the exam: :-)) ALL THE BEST! 

Totally agree with webr and Vashistha. You are doing very very well. All the Best!!!!!!!! KK....

Thanks KK. When are you scheduled to take the exam? Good luck to you as well.

I have seen people scoring high in practice tests but still failed which scares me a lot. I took PMZIlla test yesterday and scored only 60% which also giving me jitters:(


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60% in PMZilla means you are doing really well. Take the same test again. I am sure you will get many more right


I feel unnecessarily you are disturbed. Chill dude. You r doing very well. When it comes to PMZilla tests, I feel, even a PMP would not score 65-75 percent in that exam. Logically, PMZilla can not be a yardstick during your final days. Take my word, you are doing v v well. I am scheduled much later. After 3.15 months precisely. Thanks, KK...


You still have a long time to go. I am sure you'll be an expert by then and will be scoring in 90s. By seeing your responses to some of the questions, I think you are ready to take exam tomorrow.

I will keep you posted about my progress...

Thank you so very much TRawal. Let both of us be a part of the elite PMP


In fact, time and cost still give me heebie-jeebies. I am trying to master that. PMBOK is my best friend.


Thanks so much once again and we all hope to hear the good news soon!



I will let you know in couple of weeks how did I do:)

I hope passing score is around 61%:)

I just took the test yesterday. I was very comfortable once the test started. I can say you are doing very well. It is quite natural to be nervous.  Good mock exams de-sensitize the real test.I felt it was just another mock, no presser at all. So, I was able to do well.  My scores were similar to yours or in some cases less. I stopped taking tests full 3 days before the exam and started reviewing. Good luck

Thanks. I hope my result looks similar to yours and I pass:)

I just finished PMZilla's 200 Question paid test and scored 70% (140/200) and feeling little better now. I was nervous after scoring 60% in tough paid 75 Qs earlier this week.

Tomorrow tests from PMStudy and Oliver 175Qs. Two more weeks of study:(

why dont you take the test in if you pass there, means you will pass the pmp exam, if you fail, means think twice, need more preparation. hi hi

Didn't know that exam. Thanks will take it in a day or two and let you know.

So I took the exam and finished with 62% which is not good. Few things I noted:

1) Exam is good

2) I hated the way it is programed that you have to answer before you move to a next question. I would have scored at least 10 more points if that not the case.

3) Getting couple of questions wrong in a series make you frustrated. The way exam is created, you are bound to know the answer before you move.

4) 80% passing score makes this exam way tougher than it already is.

5) I got a few easy questions wrong which made me lose focus and frustrated.


Thanks ProjManPro for suggesting this exam. It is time to hit the books

I read Rita books 2 times and PMBOK once. I have solved thousands of problems though from various sources on internet which I think has built good foundation.

I am studying couple of hours after work and more on weekend. I've been studying for last 2.5 months for this exam.

For next couple of weeks before exam, I plan to take many tests, learn ITTO, formulas and notes.

Practice exam scores doesn't say that I will pass the exam. I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.