my preparations

Hello Friends

Here is my preparations for the PMP exam.

Read Rita and Kim along with PMBOK.

Mock Test results:
Oliver Lehman: 62
Pmstudy: 71
Headfirst: 74
simplilearn: 78
Kim Heldman: 68
Pmpforsure: 62

I have my exam on 3rd march. Any comments or suggestions?

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In the tests you have taken so far check your weak areas and try to focus on that for last few days. Time permitting revisit the tests you have scored under 70 , or take new free mock tests.

Thanks admin. I am taking practice tests from Rita fasttrack and Pmpforsure. I am able to score around 68% in these. My exam is on 3rd March and I will post here my result. Thanks for all help.



You are doing good. Good luck



I am glad to tell this group that I have passed the PMP exam. I finished the test 15 minutes before the given 4 hours where I took a break for 5 minutes in middle. I got P in Executing and MP in all others. Thank you Pmzilla, this is an excellent forum.


congrats! how were the questions and can you share your LL as I'm planning to take my exams in few weeks.

Cong! Roy. Happy to see that you have passed.


Thanks Pankaj :)

Most of the questions were situational and they had confusing 2 choices. I did not even see more than 5-6 questions on EVM and mathematical calculations. There were 3 questions on the network diagram and it asked for float and critical path. One thing I do noticed is that questions are not easy and they are confusing. Lot many questions were on risk and conflict handling. Let me know if you would like anything specific if I can share here.


Thanks Roy that was helpful. I will try to learn everything and practice as much as I can.

The only advice I would give is, read PMBOK and take lots of good tests, especially situational questions. You will not see one line and direct questions much. Focus on practicing good questions.

Best of Luck


Surely...we do. Thanks again!

Congrats Roy!

Were there lot of formula questions apart from the EVM/Network Diag?
Were there questions where situation i sgiven and we have to guess which process group or Knowledge area it belongs to?

I did not get much questions on Formula and Mathematics. I cannot recall anything beyond EVM and Network Diagram questions.

Most of the PMP question will have some situations and its choices may have situations or process name to choose from. I do not recall if they directly asked which Knowledge area the question/situation belongs to, ideally PMP questions are not that direct.

Take lots of situational questions from good mock test, this is the only way to get a feel of good PMP type questions.

- Roy

Thank you for the info. You have mentioned your scores from

Oliver Lehman Pmstudy Headfirst simplilearn Kim Heldman Pmpforsure

Do you suggest any other?

Oliver lehman seem very difficult. Need to explore others.

Thanks Again!

You can choose Rita FT if that is possible. Oliver is a tough test and even I had scored low. Honestly, today I feel taking tough test helps more to find gaps.

- Roy

Is Rita FT available free?

No, Rita FT is paid. If you are just looking for the free tests, you can try few others that I have mentioned earlier. You may not get ample questions for free but it all depends if you get good scores from free tests, in that case you may not need lots of tests to try. I would recommend that you take lots of practice.

- Roy

thank you