My PMP Preparation - What do you think?


Well it has been 2 months and a half now that i am preparing for the PMP. Here is my preparation:

1) Bought Andy Crow and Head first book

2) Made my own notes on Andy Crow and read Head first

3) Did the online exam of head first and scored 89%

4) Did the final exam from Andy Crow and scored 90%

With one week to go before my exam which is on April 13th,2009 i am not sure what to focus on. I see that on some part of this forum some folks have done 10 exams.

What do you think......Is the preparation i made sufficient? What do you advise me to do in the last week before the exam?

Admin response is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Whijazi,

First of all, best of luck with the exam. Be sure to let us all know how you do. I have my exam scheduled at the end of May.

I have read various posts that suggest at least PMBOK or Rita's book as one of the MUSt resources. Now this is only what I have read so I am sharing it with you. I have to say, once I borrowed the HEAD First PMP book from a colleague, I found some concepts a lot easier to grasp, however found after reading the same chapter in PMBOK that there were a few things that were leaft out of HEAD FIRST.

Not sure if anyone wants to add to this, perhaps if not PMBOK then at least try and get your hands on Rita's book just to make sure you have all your bases covered.

From your test results is seems you're ready to rock and roll and see the word "CONGRATULATIONS" once you've submitted your exam.

All the very best,