My PMP exam appointment within 7 days

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Hello everyone, 

My PMP exam scheduled in 7 days,  

Can anyone suggests practice exams, 

Looking for your help.

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Just search for exam simulators1 i guess. You can also take a free exam at dissertation writing service!

Practice Resources For PMP
You will find free resources on almost every website oriented towards PMP. But all free resources are not equal. Many websites provide free stuff just to attract potential customers. The content is dubious and full of errors. You should review the free stuff carefully before using it for your exam prep. I would suggest to all PMP aspirants to look at only reliable sources for doing sample questions. Even a few REPs sometimes provide dubious Q. Unreliable free stuff can lead to failure in the exam.

Free Mock Tests
You should read this article to find reliable sources of 3500+ free questions - PMP Sample Questions.

One should start the exam prep with some reliable free tests but ultimately the final practice should be done on a paid simulator. You should read this article - 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam.

I have also written an article that describes a method to check if you are ready for the exam - PMP Exam Passing Score. As per the article, practicing questions from a popular paid simulator is must for checking your readiness for the exam.
After reading these articles, you would realize that an online simulator is essential for PMP exam prep. So, one must choose it well.
Good Luck!