Mock 70-80% but don't really memorize ITTO



I did not really memorize all ITTO,

I got the concept of a lot of the process by studing Rita and doing Mock.

I know all formula..

And i score between 70 and 80,


I guess it's good ?

Yes, that is a good score if you are consistent in your scores. Try to achieve more if you can. Mock test score really does not tell/help much. All needed for the exam is to is to fill the KA gaps that you have. For exam, no need to memorize ITTO. Also practice math/formula questions as these are easy to score Good luck!


what do you mean "mock test score really does not tell/help much"

and at the same time you said "that is a good score if you are consistent"


I am consistent, yes but.. i tought it can tell me if I am ready or not..



This is what I meant:
Mock test score may not reflect your true performance in the exam. So they do not help much other then help identifying your KA gaps

If you are consistently getting over 75% in mock test then there are high chances of you clearing the exam.

If you feel you have prepared well then go for the exam as only you can determine how best you have prepared.

can you share the result of all your mock exam you did?

I started to do some exam a year ago so there is some score that are pretty old, and I did those exam again specially those that I got Under 60% I did it twice..

21-nov Exam Central 79%
Christopher Scordo 7 80%
Christopher Scordo 8 84%
14-déc Christopher Scordo 9 76%
14-déc Christopher Scordo 10 74%
20-déc Christopher Scordo 11 76%
21-déc Christopher Scordo 12 80%
22-déc Christopher Scordo 13 76%
23-24 déc Christopher Scordo 14 70%
25-déc Christopher Scordo 15 80%
26-déc Christopher Scordo 16 82%
27-déc Christopher Scordo 17 70%
29-déc pm-exam-simulator 1 30 q 48% 97(2nd time - 4month later)
pm-exam-simulator 2 30 q 53% 90(2nd time - 4month later)
31-déc pm-exam-simulator 3 30 q 80%
02-déc pm-exam-simulator - 80 questions 64%
january "Real Simulation
Oliver Lehmann 75" 76%

Oliver Lehmann 175" 73%
23 feb Head First Free - 200Q 84%
05-mars Pmzilla Tough 30 questions 53% ,90% (2nd time - 4month later)

11-mars Simplilearn Free Test - 200Q 64.5%
PMPForSure Free Test - 100Q    68
march PMZilla Set 1 - 30q 60%
march PMZilla Set 2- 30q 70%
PMZilla Set 13- 50q 68%
21-mars "Real pmstudy Simulation Exam 4" 77%

I set my exam for 29 april, here is my todo until that date

13-avr Rita book
14 Rita book
15 Rita book
16 Rita book + sheet sheet
17 review PMForsure
18 review Simplilearn +++
19 review Pmzilla tough
20 review Pmstudy 1
21 review PMStudy 2
22 review Pmstudy 3
23 itto
24 itto
25 itto
26 itto
27 Rita game chart
28 Rita game chart



Practice using this site . I have gained enough confidence to take this tough exam.


Good luck.


Hi All,

I have my PMP exam is scheduled for 28th April. This is my second attempt. In my first attempt I got MP in Initiating and M&C and BP in rest.

I am really worried as I have just 2 more weeks. I took Boot Camp training from PMTI . I have almost gone through PMBOK 3 times and I am really not sure where I am going wrong.

I just took only 1 mock test from PMSTUDY test1(free) and scored 62%, which made me more nervous. I can devote whole day for studying.

Please guide or suggest how I should be improving in this 2 weeks.... i really not sure if i can really clear this exam...






Not to worry if it is your second attempt, just believe in yourself. In case of scenario based questions always think from large organization perspective, with a large or mid size team. Keep that in mind and then answer the questions.


Go though some good mocktests like those of izenbridge, kim heldman and try to cover each and every scenario.


Hi shash_1109,

I would advise take practice tests from 5-6 sources and see how you score. Since you have already taken Pmstudy and scored actually low, take more practice tests from Pmzest, Christopher Scordo, Oliver's, Pmzilla, izenbridge etc. Once you take these tests you will yourself be able to judge your preparations. PMP exam is a costly exam, my advice is that do not give if you are not well prepared.

Satyam Das, PMP

@philzs : your mock test scores looks good. I think you are prepared for the exam. You don't need to try so many mock tests. If you do then make sure that these mock tests are filling your gaps. Try PMZest also if you have time as the questions are of good quality. Just relax..You still have 15 days which is more than enough for revision. All the best!

@shash_1109: Just relax as you have already tasted PMP questions. Believe in yourself and take it easy.

Giving you this advice based on my experience :
1) After you read the question, try to map it to the process groups -Initiang, Planing, Executing, M&C and Closing
2) Then map it to the KA that question is refering to...this will help to eliminate 2 options and try to pick the best one.
This trick helped me in understanding the wordy questions as it helps in eliminating the irrelevant info given in t he question.

Read the question carefully specially the last sentence as the process groups may suddenly change from one to another.

Try to implement this tip while you are practicing your mock tests. All the best!


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All the best.