Missed requirement , How to add in Scope..

If we missed some stakeholder requirements , what will be  the procedure to include it ,in the scope.

Mainly i need to know that , can we use Managment reserve for same? and which part of PMBOK dicsussed it.


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Missed requirement will be added in scope through Change control process.  You dont use management reserve for missed scope. That is to cover up for unexpected risks.

If requirement is missed, then it has to go through proper change management process.

Lets say you are building a house and your Mom Wanted her toilet in specific way. You missed asking your Mom. Later your mom finds that this requirement was not taken into account.  You cannot just add that in scope and pay from buffer. You have to follow change management process. What if the architecture of toilet area does not support her requirements , What if its not feasible ?. 

What about the posssibility of initiating the change process (additional requirement) and Managment approves use of Managment resrve for this unexpected scope addition.

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If the change process is initiated , either its approved or rejected. 

If approved, it will be through normal budget addition.

If rejected, its not supposed to be added to scope.

So chances of using management reserve for change process is very less.