Missed My Firsrt Attempt

Hi guys,


I just wanted to let you all know how useful this webite is but unfortunatly I have discovered it a bit late ( a week before my exam)

Today I went for my test after One month of prep and did not Pass.

Do not under estimate the exam!!!

My main study material was the PMBOK and the notes from the college that I have enrolled for my 35 hours. 

The test centre supervisor informed me that only 20 % pass the EXAM!!!!! not sure how true

Some LL for you guys out there, not meaning to scare you guys

* It is a long and demanding exam

* make sure your 110 % ready, it is not a walk in the park 

* study you ITTO real well

* Risk Management was a main topic in my exam

* Lots of questions on what should the PM do NEXT etc..


Wish all the best of luck and I will getting extra material and having another go at it soon





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Congratulations Walz, Glad to know PMZilla was of help to you. Thanks for your inputs




I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass. Don't give up.

When I was studying for it, I did summarize everything I studied.  I would be more than happy to share it with you if think it may help you.

Best of luck!!!