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Hi Friends, I read at several places that we should not memorize ITTO or its fine if we understand the process. Some said that we should remember ITTO as it will help us with few questions and with exam like PMP, every question will count ...... so I chose not to leave anything and started memorizing ITTO.It look me 3 months and still I may go wrong here and there. I mean I cant say that in all 47 processes I know each and every ITTO. I know most but may not know all. I am planning to write the actual exam so Its more like a question to people who have aleady passed the exam, How much does it help to memorize the ITTO ?


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There is no need to memorize ITTO. Try to understand the concept. Since you have already memorized it will help. Real exam may not have many questions on ITTO but since its easy to score people dont want to lose marks there.

I agree with admin here, there is no need to memorize the ITTOs. Moreover I havent come across any qs in the actual exam that will specifically ask you the ITTOs for a process. The qs are typically around applying your conceptual knowledge of the ITTO for a process and answering it. 

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You have already "memorized" ITTO so don't worry about it.

Here's my favorite technique on mastering ITTO.

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The best way to learn this is using the greycell pmp app module on ITTO. Just keep on taking that module on your sparetime on your mobile. Very convinient !!!

People will say n number of things. If you can memorize, you should memorize. Knowledge never harms :-)

I suggest you don't memorize the ITTO as there is no direct question which will ask, for example, which input go to define scope or something like that. Rita's book says same. You should try to understand the flow logic. You should be able to logically deduce why this input or tool is going into this process or why not. Once you get that, no matter how twisted the question is, you will get it right.